Fun Fact Friday: Ramen!

This city has a diverse international population. We are starting to have access to many various types of food and one of them is ramen! We enjoy Asian food and ramen is a welcome treat in cold or heat!

Prayer Point: Leadership Institute

This last Monday we hosted a leadership seminar for locals on the subject of feedback in the workplace. Several of our higher level English speakers attended the seminar and it was very interesting to hear from them on this subject. In short, the giving and receiving of good feedback seemed like a rarity in most jobs. One man even mentioned how he worked so hard at his job and was proud of what he did, only to be fired the next day and not given a reason. Another talked about how she wanted to make a change in her workplace and be open to giving and receiving feedback in a positive way. Overall it was an interesting discussion and an example of a different way to pour into the lives of people here.  Please pray for the Leadership Institute branch of the center as we strive to not only lead good discussions and coach locals in various areas of their lives, but also to show God’s love through our words and actions to people who are open to life changes.

Kids Camp Connections

Pretzel dipping, family trees, minute-to-win-it games, making cloth banners, singing camp songs, teaching new words and more and more… it’s been a crazy week! Today was our last day of Kids Camp. We feel grateful for the Lord’s favor on us during this week. For those of you who prayed for the camp and for strength and stamina for us, thank you. Before dismissing the children for the last time, we had a short program to end the week. We were very encouraged by the many parents who showed up and pray that we can find creative ways to connect with them in the future as well. Will you continue to pray that the time spent this week to lead to deeper connections with families here? 

Kids Camp is off to a strong start!


Successful days 1 and 2 of the Kids Camp at our center are complete! It is going very well! Here are a couple of snapshots from the first two days:


Kids Camp 2018!

This Monday marks the beginning of a one week kids camp, the children’s version of English intensives we have done in the past for adults. We are prepared for 30 kids and currently have 25 signed up to come. Will you pray with us on these specific topics for the week?

– for the children who attend

– that we will make connections with the parents

– for our local friends who are helping us this week

– for our team to build relationships and rapport with those around us this week for His glory

Prayer Point: Kids English Camp

Would you join us in prayer for a Kids English Program we are preparing for that will take place in mid-September?  We usually teach university age and higher, but feel like we want to connect with some of our students’ kids!  We had a version of this last year, but this year will be a whole new adventure in our new center!  We are hoping for at least 20 kids.  Will you join us in praying for some of the kids and helpers buy name?

Jilda: She is one of our adult students who will help us run the programs and bring two of her own children (Shoti and Rezi).
Tatia: she cleans our center and will help us with lunches during the kids program. Pray that we can have meaningful conversations with her during this week.

Prayer Point: Sharing Our Lives

“…we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”  1 Thessalonians 2:8b
Pray for sweet times of sharing and connection with our local friends.

Fruit Juice

Summertime is fruit time!  We are blessed to have access to delicious, inexpensive fruit in the summer months and we enjoy it so much (especially our kids).  However, in the winter months the fruit selection is quite sparse, so we’ve learned to preserve fruit like the locals.  In what has become a summer tradition for our family, our dear friend Tsitso came to our home and oversaw the canning/jarring process for several types of juice and fruit.  Pictured below is the “cherry harvest” and peaches are next on the list!

Deep Roots

This month has been a great time to step back and re-focus on areas that need to change for the new school year!  One area that our household has been challenged with is how we will grow deeper in the Word.  After some difficult news of losing co-workers, we have been encouraged to lament deeper, more intentionally. Last week, during a conversation with colleagues, we were challenged to pray more regularly for our students/friends here that don’t know the Lord. We have had personal times of deeper prayer and more honest conversations with the Lord.  Our routines are including more and more of His word as we seek Truth and His best for us and those around us.

The picture of these clippings with roots growing wildly and without reason to stop are such a good visual to how I want my relationship with the Lord to look.

Mostly Sunny

July was especially hot here in the city (look at the 5 day string of high temps in the photo), and many of the locals escape the heat by heading to the mountains or to the seaside.  We notice a real difference in the amount of traffic and the shops that are closed while people are out of town.  Our team has taken the opportunity to enjoy family vacations and we are grateful for good air conditioners in our homes.  The weather has actually gotten much cooler now in August and we’re ready for fall and the start of school in a few short weeks.

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