I heard a pastor once say that the act of surrender is like floating on water. You can’t simply try harder when learning to float- the harder you try the faster you sink. Instead, you have to learn to release control and allow your body to be at rest. Over the past year I have found myself needing to be reminded of this again and again- a continual need to release my plans and expectations to a loving Father and to rest in Him. There is such peace and joy in the space of surrender- floating in His love and sovereignty.

“Cease striving and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10, NASB)

(Photo Credit: W.E.)

Fun Fact Friday: Spring Feels

A recent visit to a local garden shop gave us all of the spring feels. From the daffodils to the blooming tree–we are thankful for the hope (and warmer days) of spring!

Prayer Point: Roots

Last year at the start of the pandemic, a group of women started meeting online for God’s word to be shared and for mutual encouragement. After the initial months of lockdown, we’ve continued to share scripture with the group on FB, and we’ve had some in-person meetings. Last Sunday, seven of us (and a little one) spent a few hours together discussing scripture, decorating flower pots, and filling them with plants. Please pray for these ladies–for their spiritual roots to grow deep, and for N to take the step of choosing to follow Jesus.

Light and Shadows

Paradox is a part of life–we can experience opposing feelings about the exact same thing. The other day as I walked to our Center I captured this image, and was reminded of this reality. The same building is experiencing light and shadow at the same time. Praise God that as believers we can process both hope and grief with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He can light up the dark places, and help us step more fully into the light as He ministers to our hearts and cries out on our behalf.

Fun Fact Friday: Oh hi, Ohio!

There’s a store here called “The Dollar Store.” Nothing is a dollar (they don’t even accept dollars), but there are many American products (close-outs, etc.). You just never know what you’ll find–Ohio souvenirs in GM. 🙂

Prayer Focus: April

We continue to pray this verse over GM as we approach Easter on the Julian calendar. Over the next weeks, many will focus on the “things they have done” and come to the conclusion that they are not acceptable to God. May the Holy Spirit intervene, and open the eyes of many to the mercy of Jesus. May they know new life!

Happy Easter!

Friday Extra: Good? Friday

It’s not Easter yet in GM, but when it comes, I’ll look forward to the conversations about “Good” Friday. I’m always met with incredulous looks as I’m asked how it’s possible to call the day of Christ’s crucifixion “good.” Here that day is known by another name–Red Friday–for the blood shed.

I’ve learned a lot from these conversations, and I’m thankful for them. It’s good to remember the incredible sacrifice of Christ in all of its terribleness. It’s also a thrill to be able to share that we can be filled with Hope, even on the darkest days, because of the Christ’s goodness to us–the good news of the Gospel.

Prayer Point: Protection and Jesus

We recently received a message from the US Embassy in GM stating that there was a significant risk for a landslide in a particular area of the city. Due to construction, a large crack has formed in the earth.

Would you join us in praying for the protection of the residents, travelers, and workers impacted by this landslide risk? Please pray for the earth to hold as experts determine how to mitigate the risk and repair the problem, and let’s take it a step further….

We know from scripture that without Christ as the foundation, we’re all at risk for an internal landslide–complete disaster. Let’s pray for physical protection AND let’s pray for spiritual transformation–Jesus is the Cornerstone!

Good Gifts

I recently took this video as I came up from the metro, and it made me think about what it might be like to watch our lives pass by. If I looked at the last year, what images would I put on these billboards–what stands out? While there would certainly be images of challenges and sadness, I hope I would also remember the “good and perfect gifts from above.” What would you put on your 2020-2021 memory reel?

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