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National Anthem


The national anthem is one of our favorite parts of the national team basketball games.  Goosebumps every time!  One of the lines of the song is “Praise be to freedom”, and we are certainly grateful for the freedom that God has given this land.  We’re praying for continued peace in this country and for God’s sustaining hand of protection over her.

Advice on Preserving Peaches and Pears?

There is so much delicious summer fruit here and we are trying to figure out ways to preserve peaches and pears for the winter.  We’ve had a few failed attempts and can’t figure out what we’re doing wrong…but each time is an opportunity to ask for input and advice from our local friends.  Any one else have words of wisdom for us?  How do we do this?!?

Our Growing Team

Three new families have joined us here in the city.  We are thankful for the way each family is working hard to adapt to the life, language, and culture of our city and the wonderful people that call this home.  Praise the Lord for His goodness in building this team!

DSC_1429The team gathered a recent picnic

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