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Fun Fact Friday–Hierarchy

Every society operates within a framework. In this country, there is an established hierarchy that influences everything from the order of introductions to the duty of decision making. Here, elders are typically given that place of honor, however they are expected to consider what is best for the whole group in doing so.


A Moldy Proposition

Mold is an issue that most of us have had to deal with while living here.  Either on food (like the moldy bread post several months ago), or in our apartments.  Would you pray for protection against hidden mold and hidden sickness?


Little Nudges

Sometimes it’s like God is shining a light down on something saying, “This is for you.” The other day I saw a beautiful stack of shiny, green apples. For some reason this day I looked at them, and then I saw that it said, “Granny.” This apple was meant for me.
Sometimes it’s not the big things in life that make you know God is there. We are learning, as we live apart from everything familiar, that it’s often in the little moments, the little nudges, that God says, “I Love you.”

Granny Smith


We are amazed at God’s provision for our team here in GM, and we are so thankful for His love for ​those who live in this land. This car reminded us of the fullness of God’s love for all of us–more than we can imagine!

full car


Fun Fact Friday!

Some people believe that bowling has been around since Egyptian times, so you may not be surprised that you can bowl here. And yes, you even get to wear the ever-stylish bowling shoe! However, there is an unexpected twist–the surgical slipper–one size fits all!


Love in Any Language

In January, as many in this place celebrated Christmas, we had the opportunity to sit for a few hours in a small local church and listen to stories, hear kids sing songs, and watch some great skits–all in celebration of our Savior. The people who gathered together have gone through so much: war, poverty, unemployment, yet their hope in Christ is so strong. Their love for our Savior is exemplified in how they love each other and want to have others meet Him. We look forward to the time when we can understand more of what we hear in this language, but through moments like this God touches our hearts in the process.
Edited Christmas Program

The Quiet

After 6 weeks, when asked what she missed the most, our middle daughter replied, “Something that I couldn’t bring with me–the quiet.”

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 

Full Table, Full Hearts

This was one of our favorite holiday feasts!  We have a tradition to have a meal with these friends every Jan. 2nd.  This is an example of a family that has very little, but gives so very much!  It is always humbling, always inspiring.


Cultural Happenings

During the holiday season, there are special events that come to town.  The circus comes, bringing animals and clowns; the theatre usually has some special music and performers at the main concert hall; and, the ballet comes!  We went to the Nutcracker, especially enjoying the ornate backdrops that were painted!!


Christmas and New Years

We are in the middle of Christmas and New Years!  Yes, you are reading this correctly!  Some of the people here celebrate Christmas and New Years based on their old, religious calendar…putting celebrations well into the middle of the month!  Here are some of the beautiful decorations still hanging in the main streets:



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