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Fun Fact Friday: Flower Identification

It’s a fact that there are many beautiful flowers for sale on the streets of our city, but we are very interested to know what flower this is?!  It has a strong scent and tiny, round, yellow flowers. The leaves (as pictured) are true to this plant — connected, all on one branch.  We aren’t sure if this is from a tree or a bush, but we don’t see them growing in the city, so they must be from the villages. WHAT ARE THEY?


Snow-capped Scenery

This beautiful city two hours north of our city is home to incredible skiing and tubing.  It is definitely a jewel!  The snow-capped mountains seem to go on forever.



I almost missed this as I turned down a dead-end road, and then I did a double-take. There are two men working on the underneath of a car that is leaning on two tires–being held up by a board. As many struggle to find work due to a struggling economy, many people here find creative ways to get the job done. Please pray that we look for creative ways to serve Him to reach a people in desperate need for the Good News!

Economic Crisis

Our currency has been unstable for the last several weeks.  These pictures show numbers from a few weeks ago, but we’ve seen the dollar go as high as $2.35–as this is being published, it is at $2.18. The exchange to the dollar is already affecting businesses and individuals whose salaries are paid in the local currency. The government bank is pouring money into the economy in an attempt to stop the drop in value, but long-term recovery will be very difficult for our country.  Pray for stability, so that we don’t have to rely on surrounding countries to “buy us out,” and for the hearts of the people here during uncertain times.



Fun Fact Friday: Subway Measurements

6-inch or footlong–you know the drill, but here the question is, “15 cm or 30 cm?” We are enjoying the Subway shop near our English center–a taste of home! There is more and more western influence in the city as firms/brands are starting to set up shop here. More foreign investment means more local jobs!



The Tablecloth

The traditional feasting meal has a certain name here. The meaning of it translates to “tablecloth.” I’m not certain of the exact reason for this, but to me it is because there is so much food that the entire tablecloth is filled and you cannot see it. Our hosts cooked this entire meal on a 2 burner stove, similar to what we would use when camping (think Coleman). We were honored to take part in this special meal, and we pray that by living here we can invite people to our tables, break bread with them, and tell them about our Jesus. The Jesus that gives us bread every day that fills us up.

Growing Relationships

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether or not new friendships are real and developing.  A couple of weeks ago one of our teammates realized his relationship with his neighbor was moving along appropriately as he was welcomed into the chair of his neighbor’s favorite barber.  Please pray that our relationships with nationals continue to deepen, and even go beyond sharing barbers.


“No way to know….”

Each book in this box contains the name of someone who has died. It is the responsibility of others to continue to pray for them after death in the hope that they will reach Heaven. They believe, as a local friend told us, that there is, “no way to know for sure.” Praying and lighting candles in honor of their deceased family members might help, so they continue to strive on behalf of their loved ones. We pray for God to reveal His truth in this place–that He is the sure and certain Way!


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