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Easter Traditions: Spring Cleaning

One friend explained that the Thursday before Easter is a day set aside for cleaning–people and the house. She recalled that, as a child, this day always meant a shower. We pray that those who participate in this tradition will understand that it was Jesus’ death and resurrection that washed away our sins.


Easter Traditions: New Life

Easter week has now started here, and it is full of tradition and symbolism. Over the last several days, families have been growing wheat shoots, a symbol of new life, to use as decoration. We got a late start, but we were able to buy some in time for our Easter celebration from a lady near our Metro stop.

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He is Risen!

He is risen indeed! Happy Easter from Team Green!


Fun Fact Friday: Beware of Dog

Roaming dogs are a common part of our daily life. In fact, some statistics say that there are 50,000 stray dogs on the streets of our city. This wild dog stands guard at a street corner that we walk by every day.  He barks, growls, bites people, and is generally unfriendly as he threatens anyone passing by his turf.  We are abjectly terrified of him!  However, he graciously posed for this picture before we ran the other way.  Beware the black and white dog!


Go, Team!

Approximately 56,000 soccer fans packed the largest stadium in the city to cheer for the national side as they try to qualify for the 2016 European Championship.  Despite the bitter taste of defeat, it is always special for us to proudly cheer for our adopted country!


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