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Simple Beauty

Has something ever caught your eye because of its simple beauty? It is our desire that as we live our lives among the people here, we would catch their eye–that they would see the beauty of His light in us!


Fun “Intensive” Facts

The February 2016 Intensive is in the books. Here are some fun facts about those two weeks:

  • 21 day-time students, 15 evening students
  • Age range: 16-50 something years old
  • A total of 11 people came from the US to help
  • Number of sticky notes used= a lot!!
  • Times Kirki the Clown appeared= 3
  • The first hour of the first night of the evening intensive was completed in the dark!! The power was out!
  • Favorite song of the week “Fred the Moose”



Intensive Prayer: Thank you!!

Thank you for praying for the intensive! Your prayers made a huge impact–take a peek!

Empty Houses

On a recent walk, we were able to look inside the shells of these damaged, empty houses. It was so interesting to see the layers of wallpaper and flooring. Some things seemed eerily intact, while other parts–like entire walls–were missing or damaged. We could only imagine who had lived there and what their lives were like–empty houses raise a lot of questions. Likewise, we meet people who have endured hard times and whose pain has left them feeling empty. How often do we walk by? Maybe we look, comment to ourselves, but how often do we stop to ask about their story? The next time God gives us the opportunity to shine His light in an empty place–let’s do it–to His glory!

photo 3 photo 4

Intensive Prayer: 2 More Days of English Fun!

We’re down to the last two days of the English intensive–thanks for praying! It has been a busy week and a half, and we’re thankful for the fun, friendships, and great conversations that have been a part of each day. Please be praying for the students as they end the week–that they will be bold as they speak in front of the whole group, and that they will leave us wanting to know more about our Hope. We trust that He has been at work, and we know that the work that He has started He is sure to complete!

IMG_0371 IMG_0346

Break the Chains!

photo 5-3

“Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.” Galatians 5:1

Please join us in praying that the chains of lies believed, divorce, abortion, addiction, and fear will be broken in this place!


Fun Fact Friday: Candles and Kisses

Valentine’s Day is almost there (not here!), but those aren’t the candles and kisses we’re referring to in the title. Worshipers at the local church often incorporate candles as they pray to the many icons that line the walls and pillars of the church. Icons are often approached and kissed as people pray. While there is a reverence that is palpable in these places, there is also a feeling of yearning for assurance and hope that we know can only come from the Living Christ.

photo 2 photo 3-2

Intensive Update:

Thank you for praying for the two-week English Intensive that started on Monday! Twenty-one students registered for the day-time course, and sixteen registered for the evening sessions. We have already been encouraged by the enthusiasm of the students, the dedication of the short-term team who is working with us, and the seeds that are being planted. Please keep praying for good health, continued opportunities to share our Hope, and an impactful time of learning and sharing. Here are some pictures from the first day!

IMG_8469 IMG_8506 IMG_8456

Intensive Prayer: Monday is Almost Here!

Monday marks the beginning of the two-week English intensive. Please pray for God’s Spirit to be at work in and around us. We are so excited to welcome the students tomorrow. We’ve been preparing lessons, the Center, food, and all of the small details that  will make our time together special. Most importantly, please pray that our hearts are prepared, and that the Fruits of the Spirit will be evident and will prompt our students to ask about the Hope that we have in Christ!


Fun Fact Friday: Outside the Church

photo 5-2

We get used to seeing certain things outside (and inside) of churches in the United States. Here, you might find a table such as this near the outside of a church. Then, as you enter the actual church building, a mini shop of sorts is often the first thing you see. Candles, necklaces, icons, and other religious items are available for those who come to worship or visit.

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