Month: June 2016

Prayer Point: Not Horsin’ Around


Leaving the city gives us plenty of opportunities to see animals roaming around, often near or on the road! Sometimes we’ve noticed that while the animal appears to be free, it is actually tied to something. Many people experience this same condition–the appearance of freedom in the midst of bondage. Praise God, that He sets the captives free! May it be so in the lives of many here in GM and where you are today!

Setting the “Table”


A recent picnic with local friends reminded us of the high value placed on hospitality in GM. Whether our friends are setting a table or a picnic blanket, it is full and inviting. 1 Peter 4:9 says, “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” Lord, may we be inspired by  our friends, and always be ready to welcome one another with all that we have!

Fun Fact Friday: Snails!


Snails, snails everywhere! This one was sitting happily on our gate one morning. God’s creativity is amazing!

Prayer Point: Master Paint Class

No, we’re not master painters, but we recently had an opportunity to pose a question about THE Master Painter during a “Painting in English” event at the Center. Students had a great time painting a sunset picture, and we love every chance we have to spend time talking and laughing together!


painting 2

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