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Fun Fact Friday: Ancient Traditions

Some of us happened upon a parade line-up on a recent visit to a small town. When we saw the first group of costumed children, we were a slightly taken aback (Halloween isn’t celebrated here). Upon our return to the capital city, we were determined to find out more about these blue-hooded kids. It took several tries before someone could give us an answer. Apparently, these outfits were typical of a pre-Christian holiday celebrated in the Eastern part of this country. Interestingly, celebrants collected food and money as part of the tradition.



Prayer Point: A Beautiful Mess


Whenever visitors from the US spend time with us, we try to find time in the schedule to visit an amazing place here in the city. It’s a cross between an old-school flea market and an open-air art show.  We could spend hours walking through the rows of art work and tables of random items that people are selling.  One artist’s palette was particularly fascinating to us because it was SO messy–the paints were mixed together, and it looked like a total disaster.  But somehow the artist was able to take the mess on the palette and transform it into a beautiful work of art.  As you PRAY for our team and for the locals that we interact with, ask God to create beauty in this place amidst the “mess” of life.

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