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Fun Fact Friday: Creative Solutions


Problem: Open hole in the road.
Creative Solutions 101: Grab a stick or some branches.  
Problem solved.  Cheap, simple, effective.  

Prayer Point: Fall Plans


Yes, we are playing Guess Who in University class!  You can see here the two teams preparing questions to ask each other!  As University teaching has come to an end, we are already thinking about next year.  Would you pray for the contracts to begin to line up for fall teaching?  There is often a lot of red tape, so please pray for good connections with the right people, and for God’s guidance as we make decisions. Thank you!

Building Relationship Bridges


Maia, the one in red, just started attending class at our center a couple of months ago, after being invited by two of our other students. I was recently teaching a class on customer service and shared how powerful it is when you have customers who themselves bring you more customers. That night as I looked around the room, I noticed that at least half of those in attendance were there because another student had invited them. It’s humbling to see how He is showing favor to our team by allowing our existing relationships to build bridges to new relationships. Often these bonds form quickly, because there is a high level of trust established based on the word of their friend. It’s amazing to watch HIs beautiful plan unfold!

Fun Fact Friday: Sew Big!

what does a six foot tall...

Q: What’s better than a 6-foot tall sewing machine?

A: Two  6-foot tall sewing machines! We noticed these “decorations” as we visited an old sewing factory that has recently been remodeled into a multi-use space with restaurants, meeting spaces, specialty stores, and a hostel. 

Prayer Point: Light of Life


Recently, during a visit to an ancient church near the city, we encountered a wedding ceremony in progress. So many marriages in this country (and every country) are marked by darkness and a lack of real joy and trust due to serial infidelity. As we stood watching the ceremony, a beautiful sunbeam descended over the gathered group…LIGHT. Would you pray that the LIGHT of life would invade the reality of darkness in our country? This is especially important in the area of marriages where so much duplicity and dishonesty exists. Light exposes sin and expels darkness…may we all experience the LIGHT in our marriages!

Church Weddings


Here in Green Mountains a couple is legally married when they appear before a judge. Many choose this route to begin their marriage, and then they save money for the church ceremony and huge party that follows. Church wedding ceremonies often include only close friends and family, the priest, and random tourists visiting the church. One short-term team got the opportunity to be those random tourists at this wedding. Please pray that the promises made to God and one another during these church weddings will be honored, and that the family and friends who witness the covenant will encourage the couple in their new life together.

Fun Fact Friday: Straspberries

Enjoying the unique strawberry/raspberry mix- a delicious treat found here.

Prayer Point: Building Relationships Part 2


This week we have the privilege of hosting parents and church family members of some of our teammates. What an encouragement to have them here! Over the next week and a half, these visitors will be helping with classes, building an obstacle course for a camp that is run by one of our students, sprucing up the Center, and more!

Please pray for this short-term team as they serve alongside us–for good health, safety, and bright lights that shine! Pray that our students see Christ in all of us, and that He is glorified!! AND join us in praising Him for His perfect plan and provision!

Real Life, Real Connections

Join us for a Thursday English class where students not only practice communicating, listening, and dialoging in English, but they also discuss real life issues such as love, hope, friendship, and encouragement (this was the theme in the video.) This gives us great opportunities to speak truth in love. Please continue to pray for these classes that they would lead to deeper relationships and opportunities for students to know God in a real and personal way.

Fun Fact Friday: Allomorphs and Suppletivity

IMG_0855Recently a group of our university students were preparing for an English exam. They showed us some of their review questions, and we were stunned and humbled by what we saw.  Maybe some of you are linguists and this makes sense to you, but we really struggled (and spent a lot of time searching on Google) to explain these concepts.  This is typical English instruction that students receive, and yet they struggle mightily when it comes to simple conversations.

We are uniquely positioned here to come alongside students and to practice simple conversation without worrying about allomorphs or suppletivity…and this has led to the formation of many relationships. Pray that God would continue to give us energy and capacity as we teach English in this setting.

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