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Prayer Point: Protection and Jesus

We recently received a message from the US Embassy in GM stating that there was a significant risk for a landslide in a particular area of the city. Due to construction, a large crack has formed in the earth.

Would you join us in praying for the protection of the residents, travelers, and workers impacted by this landslide risk? Please pray for the earth to hold as experts determine how to mitigate the risk and repair the problem, and let’s take it a step further….

We know from scripture that without Christ as the foundation, we’re all at risk for an internal landslide–complete disaster. Let’s pray for physical protection AND let’s pray for spiritual transformation–Jesus is the Cornerstone!

Good Gifts

I recently took this video as I came up from the metro, and it made me think about what it might be like to watch our lives pass by. If I looked at the last year, what images would I put on these billboards–what stands out? While there would certainly be images of challenges and sadness, I hope I would also remember the “good and perfect gifts from above.” What would you put on your 2020-2021 memory reel?

Prayer Point: Hang Out

After the Center was allowed to reopen last week, we decided that it was time to re-start a weekly hangout for international students. We hadn’t been able to meet for over 4 months due to being in lockdown and limits on meeting size. Everyone was so excited to be back together again, and we are excited for the work that God is going to do in this group. Please pray for relationships to be built and lives to be changed!

Friday Extra: Deeper Meanings

There is a word in the local language, “komli,” referring to the smoke you see coming from a chimney. The true intention behind the word is much deeper. It’s the smoke coming from a home that represents a full life: family, friends, work being done, food being prepared. It’s a deeper, richer idea of “home” and the fullness that comes from daily life.

When an Artist Dies…

This is one of several murals in an underground walkway near our center. The statement, “When an artist dies, God lets them paint the sky (one) last time” strikes me every time I see it. So many people are living as if this is all that there is–only this lifetime and nothing more. When we’re told in 1 Peter 3:15 to be ready to give an answer for our hope, this is why. What if THIS artist knew that she could spend eternity with THE Creator? What would her mural look like then?

Fun Fact Friday: Weather

Maybe you’ve heard the American adage that a woman has the prerogative to change her mind. In GM, the locals say the month of March is “like a woman” because it changes (sometimes drastically) from day to day & you never know what to expect! This has been true of the weather so far this month, but after living here so long, we have adjusted and the “unpredictable” is “predictable” to us now

Sabbath: “Resurrection Wonder”

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is by his great mercy that we have been born again, because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Now we live with great expectation….” 1 Peter 1:3

In a recent devotional on the app Lectio 365, this verse and the following quote caught my attention. “It (Sabbath) means stopping and being quiet long enough to see, open-eyed with wonder–resurrection wonder.” -Eugene Peterson

Am I living in great expectation? Through the lens of resurrection wonder? Jesus, may it be so.

Friday Extra: Moving Forward

We recently asked you to pray for two of our older kids as they prepare to graduate from high school. This past week was exciting for both of them as one was awarded college admittance and a scholarship, and the other was notified of her acceptance into a photography-focused ministry program. Thank you for praying for all of our kids as they walk the journeys that God has prepared for them.

Prayer Point: Open Doors

Celebrate with us: our center can finally open again as of March 15!!!! After many months of “lockdown” in our city, the number of COVID cases has reduced enough that the government is now lifting many of the restrictions, and we are thrilled that we can engage with our students face to face again! 😷 *(Signs edited out for security)

Being Aware: Snow Sprinkled Mountains

I recently became aware of how often I go about my life without really looking at my surroundings. Whether I’m focused on the people I’m with, or on the task at hand, or just on myself–it’s common for me to miss the subtleties of the landscape (or cityscape) around me.

However, that’s not how I want to be. I want to drink up where I am, because God has me there for a reason. One of my favorite quotes is from Jim Elliot, “Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” Today, join me in asking God to help us be all there–wherever He’s put us!

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