Month: December 2021

Merry Christmas from Team Green!

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Fun Fact Friday: Lights!

A weekend stroll through the local market is especially festive this time of year. One section had so many beautiful, Christmas lights–it was hard to pass them up!

Prayer Point: Questions Allowed

Two students, that we met through the international student hangout that we host, asked to meet with us to discuss God. (Praise Him! He works in His time and in His way!) As we sat together, they shared their personal journeys of searching. They had questions, and when we shared that we sometimes have questions too, they really opened up. For years, in their home countries, they have been told NOT to ask questions–to just follow. They verbalized how different it was to be told that questions are ok and even welcomed.

Let’s be people who are ok with questions, because we see in scripture that God is ok with questions. Let’s be willing to share our own “Whys?” or “Hows?” with those that God brings our way knowing that He is working. Praise God–He is working! Please pray for H and A as He works in their hearts.

Friday Extra: New Regulations

Beginning December 1, we are required to have a Covid passport in order to enter businesses such as restaurants and cinemas. The QR code is scanned upon entry showing either proof of having had Covid, proof of vaccination, or of a negative test. Covid cases have been very high since August causing a large number of daily hospitalizations and deaths, and government officials hope that this new regulation will encourage vaccination.

Prayer Point: O’ Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree at the Center was a little different this year. With only one family currently in GM, the usual fun of “decking the halls” together was replaced with one set of hands (the other set of hands was home isolating due to a Covid exposure) and some Youtube Christmas tunes. 🙂

2021 has probably been full of unexpected changes for you as well. As we wrap up the year, let’s pray for one another to embrace Immanuel–“God with Us” in new ways. We were built for relationship with and dependency on Our Father–let’s hold onto Him knowing that His ways are good, and that He offers peace that surpasses understanding.

Friday Extra: Words of Thanks

At each of our Thanksgivings, we took time to give thanks. Our team has a “Thanksgiving Tree” tradition, and we continued it this year. Words were written on leaves in a few languages as we shared this special time with friends from around the world. Here’s a taste of what hung on the Thanksgiving tree this year. Praise God!

Prayer Point: Gratitude

Three Thanksgivings–a lot of gratitude. God is so good. Thank you for praying!

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