Month: August 2022

Thanks for Praying!

Snapshots from the conference including a worship night, crafts and games with the kids, and a peek into a speaking session. 

Not pictured: the time a water fight broke out and turned into a quest to throw as many of us into the little pool as possible. Our family managed to stay out of the splash zone (mostly… one of us got a soaking wet hug…) but it was fun to watch!!

We are thankful for this opportunity to be involved with this conference and grateful for your prayers!

Prayer Point: Conference

Starting today we are spending time out of the city with some local friends who are hosting a small conference as a way to disciple new believers and introduce non-believers to Truth. This conference will run from Wednesday through Saturday and has been planned and put together by a long time local friend of our team. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help to illuminate the Word this week and that hearts and minds will be open to Him.

Summertime Moments

This photo shows a group of musicians playing some cutlural music in a park while children moved their feet in traditional dance steps and those in the crowd who knew these songs sang along. Moments like these are fun to observe but also serve as reminders that though this culture is different from ours, it’s rich and beautiful. What a gift to be able to watch summertime moments like this and learn more about the people we live amongst.

Make It Work

One of the things I like best about this culture is the make-it-work attitude. This picture is an example of that mindset. See the guy atop the cab of the truck? His job is to push branches out of the way as the truck drives down the street. Making it work!

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