Bad Yeast

Every Christmas Eve, I make cinnamon buns for the family.  I have used the same recipe for about 15 years, and it is perfect as you can prepare it the night before and then in the morning bake it.  All night long the yeast slowly works its magic as the buns sit in refrigerator.  When they are taken out in the morning they finish rising and then are ready to bake.  

This Christmas, I took the buns out of the fridge and said… this doesn’t look right.  I don’t think they rose at all…matter of fact, I don’t remember putting in the yeast.  I decided to bake the buns anyway and they were heavy, dry, and disgusting.  

A few times in scripture we see yeast (or leaven) discussed.  One of the most famous places is when Jesus talks about the yeast of the Pharisees.  In Matthew 16:6, “Jesus said to them, “Watch and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”  Yeast is extremely important in baking, it spreads throughout the whole batch and has a direct affect on the outcome.  Likewise, bad yeast in our life, might be small and subtle, but it can spread and have a negative affect.  As we enter 2021, may we not allow the yeast of Pharisees to infiltrate us, but instead be filled with the Spirit of God.

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  1. Yes may this be so for all of us and much ministry be done in His name with His Spirit!

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