One of our favorite parts about the Christmas/New Year’s season here is that it is a great time to get together with friends! Most people have some time off, and it’s always interesting to share different traditions.  This year was no exception when we had our good friends over.  Mari and Nana are a daughter and mother who have been an incredible encouragement to us in our time here.  On December 23rd, they lost their Grandma – the third lady in the three-generational home.  This lady, Grandma, was mostly bed-ridden and didn’t talk much.  Somehow, in our different visits, she had seen me enough to give me a nickname: ბეღურა (beghura), meaning sparrow.  A few weeks after her death, Mari and Nana came over.  This is the cookie Nana decorated.   She borrowed our tweezers and spelled out ბეღურა with sprinkles!
Would you pray for Mari and Nana as they continue to deal with the grief of losing a Grandma (and mother)?

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  1. Even when you don’t realize it, you are making a difference!
    May God continue to bless your work and your relationships.

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