Camp Praise!

Thank you all for praying for the Kids’ Camp. We had a great week, with a great group of 24 children! While we don’t normally teach kids, our team has found that this yearly camp is a great way to bless our adult friends and students (past and present) who bring their kids and their kids’ friends.

We also know that God works through the words of life and hope that we speak over the kids during our times together–seeds of His love and care for them were definitely planted. This year’s theme, “Around the World,” was a lot of fun, and offered many chances for thought-provoking conversations. During one class, a little girl blurted out, “I love Jesus!” Her teacher quickly chimed in, “Me too!”

Another teacher had an opportunity to discuss the meaning of the Yin-Yang sign with some older students. As she asked questions, one of them declared that it’s not possible for their to be bad in God–Truth spoken! These are just a couple of the ways that we saw God at work in the lives of these special, young people.

God also provided in big ways in terms of staffing the camp. A big thank you to some of the TG kids who jumped in to help, and for the provision of two other staff from other ministry groups. We are thankful for God’s faithfulness in all ways and in all things!


  1. Glad that Camp went well! Praying that God will continue to work in the hearts of those who attended.


    July 1, 2021 at 8:44 am

    Sounds like it was an exciting week!

  3. Thats great, praise God Who makes all blessings flow!

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