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Family Visit

We recently enjoyed a visit from the leaders pictured above. It was a great experience for us to interact with this group of creative thinkers and committed shepherds.  We were impressed throughout the week by the idea that even though many of us were meeting for the first time, we are family because of our common Father.  What a privilege we have of serving together with our family in various contexts around the world!

Solid Foundations

When I moved into my flat, I was the first ever tenant. This flat was beautiful, modern and all I could ever hope for. It looked perfect and being the first tenant surely meant that everything should be solid. Fast forward to a few months ago: I noticed a crack in the ceiling of my beloved kitchen. Recently as I sat drinking coffee and looking at that crack, I came to an understanding. I’ve learned a lot about the local people and their attention to aesthetics: all about appearances. Our team uses the phrase, “saving face”, a telling phrase for the people here. This shows up not only in personal beauty, but in buildings and homes. They may be outwardly beautiful, but missing a solid foundation accomplished  through committed time and care. These dear people are hiding behind something that is fallible. They are holding onto something that will fail. Our team daily desires to break down these fronts and show them how to have a solid foundation in Christ, the only one who will not break, who will NEVER fail.

Prayer Point: For the Creative to Know the Creator

Art is so important in this culture, and it is a joy to see all of the different ways that our local friends express themselves. From jewelry making to painting, there is an abundance of creativity and ingenuity here. This leaf painting is by one of our favorite artists, Zaza, and we recently had an opportunity to hear a little about his story. Since teammates first met him over five years ago, he has become well known in other countries too. Zaza shared that he has actually been stopped at borders due to the suspicious amount of leaves in his trunk! Please pray for this talented man to know his Creator, and to find true peace, hope, and healing.

Climbing Stairs

We came across these stairs in the Old City last week; they were perfectly created and many people wanted to walk up and down them, getting pictures as they went.  These stairs are such imagery for how a lot of the people live in this context – maybe around the world.  Maybe even us sometimes.  Being part of the “religious system” here includes doing right, not sinning, praying and giving a certain amount, and always striving to go higher on the staircase towards God. It’s a challenge to find the balance of how to trust and obey, yet live in total freedom!  But we do! Today, I am thankful that I don’t have to climb stairs to meet my Savior! Today, I am thankful that I have direct access to My Redeemer!

Fun Fact Friday: Tourist Spot!

Looking for the top places to travel this year? Our country has made a lot of recent lists, and people are listening. Tourists are flocking here in increasing numbers, and they are discovering what we already know—this place is amazing! Old meets new, mountains and sea, long-held tradition and modern ingenuity, beauty and decay, past regimes and new-found freedom, and don’t forget the food. We pray that the positives of tourism will outweigh the negatives, and that God will continue to preserve this place for all to enjoy!

Prayer Point: Spirit-led and Bold

“Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” Ephesians 6:19

Pray for our team to thrive, and for our words to be Spirit-led and bold—always proclaiming the Truth.

Thankful for Technology


One of the greatest challenges to living overseas is being far away from family.  We feel this acutely as we watch our kids interact with their grandparents.  We’re grateful for technology that allows instantaneous communication across the ocean! Here our 8 year old is enjoying chatting with his grandparents in Colorado.

Never Too Old

Seeing this display of “old things” reminded me that we are never to old to be used for our intended purpose. While there might be new and easier ways to weigh, stir, and cut, all of these tools can still accomplish those things. Each believer has a purpose—to share the hope of Christ. There’s no age limit (young or old), no obsolete methods, no expiration date—we are called and equipped.

Fun Fact Friday: Ramen!

This city has a diverse international population. We are starting to have access to many various types of food and one of them is ramen! We enjoy Asian food and ramen is a welcome treat in cold or heat!

Prayer Point: Leadership Institute

This last Monday we hosted a leadership seminar for locals on the subject of feedback in the workplace. Several of our higher level English speakers attended the seminar and it was very interesting to hear from them on this subject. In short, the giving and receiving of good feedback seemed like a rarity in most jobs. One man even mentioned how he worked so hard at his job and was proud of what he did, only to be fired the next day and not given a reason. Another talked about how she wanted to make a change in her workplace and be open to giving and receiving feedback in a positive way. Overall it was an interesting discussion and an example of a different way to pour into the lives of people here.  Please pray for the Leadership Institute branch of the center as we strive to not only lead good discussions and coach locals in various areas of their lives, but also to show God’s love through our words and actions to people who are open to life changes.

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