Friday Extra: Busted!

You just never know what you’ll find when you come to work. However, it’s not usually anything this dramatic. It appeared that someone pushed in the window on the center’s door in an effort to reach in and let themselves into the office. Thankfully, it’s not possible to enter that way, but they did leave quite a mess.

Even with the frustration of this incident, I was so thankful for students who showed up for their lesson, but instead stayed with me to help in any way that they could–including clean-up. Our landlord was very kind, and had it fixed by the next day. It was a good reminder that we never know what the day holds, but that we can choose to find the good in it.

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  1. Here we’ve been having a great time working in the Snack Shop. God ‘s grace to us old people is wonderful. Never thought we would be doing this in our 80’s. Camp is good! Praying always for GM. Thankful for God’ continued grace on you folks.

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