Friday Extra: “…that wasn’t the cat….”

One night, in four different rooms, we each mentally blamed ONE cat for the shaking and noises we were hearing. (Simba jumping on the beds and the couch and playing in the wardrobes & rattling the doors.) After several seconds, we all came to the same conclusion…it wasn’t the cat. 🙂 Small, barely there earthquakes are common in GM, but this one was bigger and longer lasting than any we’ve experienced in the past. There were no injuries or damage reported in our city, but it did send some people out of their high-rise apartment buildings and into the streets looking for safety. Damage was reported near the epicenter–please be in prayer for those affected.


  1. Robert and Gladys Treichel

    February 24, 2022 at 1:28 pm

    We will be praying.

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