Fun Fact Friday: Construction Zone

Broken up sidewalks at the local market area were no cause for alarm, especially with these sturdy “bridges” in place. The fact that there was some semblance of “caution” around the area is a recent and welcomed development. Typically, you’re expected to navigate such areas without warning and at your own risk. This aspect of personal responsibility has definitely made us more aware of our surroundings as we walk the streets of our city. 


  1. Suzzie DeMarchi

    May 8, 2020 at 5:44 pm

    Thank you for the updates!
    Enjoy praying for you and your family😁

  2. When I would jog and walk around the streets of Vietnam and Venezuela I would attempt to remember the rough spots in the pavement. Unfortunately that didn’t keep me from falling and getting hurt. I hope that doesn’t prove to be true for any of the team there!

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