No Entry!

A couple of months ago I had the chance to visit a town about 2.5 hours away from where we live. As I walked one morning, I stumbled upon this building which was the summer residence of a very famous family from this region of the world. I wanted to explore the palace so much, but it was cordoned off, and there appeared to be security guards in the area as well–the message was clear–no entry! I kept staring, wondering if there was any way to enter–could I ask a guard to let me take a look, or maybe I could just sneak in?

As much as I wanted to gain entry to this earthly, dilapidated place, how much more do I long for heaven? The most wonderful place, beyond my imagination, is open to anyone who follows Jesus. Many of my friends here think that there is a special pass, or a ‘No Entry’ sign on Heaven’s gate so to speak…May they know the truth that the doors are open, that they are wanted and welcomed in this family. May their hearts echo the lyrics of this song I learned as a child (do you remember Psalty the singing songbook??)

“Heaven is a wondeful place,
filled with glory and grace,
I want to see my sarviour’s face.
Heaven is a wonderful place. I want to go there.”

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  1. YES May this be so for many in these days not only will wonder, but ask and knock and open the door…please Lord Jesus!

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