Prayer Point: Connections

We have 19 students coming to this year’s February Intensive. Some are students who have been around a while, attending other classes and events that our center has to offer. Some are newcomers; the first time setting foot in our center was the first day of the intensive. Whether it’s the longtime students and friends or the new ones, we enjoy the highly relational time we get to spend with them. Pray for good and lasting connections with our students as we get to know them better during these two weeks!


  1. I pray often for the center and the classes and events you offer there.

    19 sounds like a real good number to me.
    I will pray for these 19.

  2. William and Melissa Rinker

    February 19, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    Praise the Lord!

    Go Team Green! Dear Lord, heap blessing on this event so good relationships are made and strengthened during the intensive, in Jesus name I pray!

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