Prayer Point: Constant Change


One of the hardest things about living in a foreign culture is the constant change that our children experience.  Though they go to an International school, it is common for their classmates to move to a new country every few years.  As you can imagine, this can be difficult.  Despite this obstacle, our children have continued to strive to love well and develop friendships with those around them.  As Hannah (Jim & Kathy’s oldest daughter) turned 15, she invited a bunch friends over for a Wild West mystery night.  This group of girls are Hannah’s old school friends, new school friends, church friends, local friends and teammates.  Please pray for the team children that God would not only protect them and care for them, but also help them to continue to grow in trust of Him through all the changes in their lives.


  1. After high school, I saw none of my old friends ….

  2. Praying……….

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