Prayer Point: Intensive Prayer

For the fourth year in a row, we will be hosting a two-week, intensive English course in February.  Please be in prayer for this very special time with students, and join us in praising God for what He has already done!!


  • We already have 19 students registered! We hope to have 24 attend!
  • There is a great mix of students: some we already know and others that we don’t, locals and people from nearby, closed countries, and a range of ages as well!
  • Four of us teach at a local university, and we have been praying for those students to become more connected at the Center. As of now, 4 of them have registered! Please join us in praying that they do attend, and that those relationships grow.
  • This will be the first intensive in our new Center. Praise God for such great space!!
  • Please pray for the 5 short-term team members joining us: Emily, Brian, Jen, Charlotte, and Jim.
  • Finally, we desire that our students know Christ. Please pray for wisdom, boldness, opportunities, and the work of the Holy Spirit as we pour into these men and women.


  1. Blessings for these ones who come and leader,s.

  2. Hey Team,
    We will and are praying for you and for the intensive. Pray for the elders at Bac as we seek God’s direction for more space for our youth.

  3. Exciting!

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