Prayer Point: Praying in 2022

Please join us in praying Psalm 24:7-10 this year.

The Truth of the Bible has consistently been covered up by tradition and the lie that only some can understand God’s word. One student recently shared that he believes that 80-90% of those who call themselves Christians in GM are not. His rationale: “How can they be Christians if they don’t even know what the Bible says? They don’t know what they believe.”

Please join us in praying that the leaders of the national religion will have their eyes opened, that they will proclaim the truth of God’s word, and that they will invite those in their churches to read and understand it for themselves.


  1. Awesome meeting with part of the team last week via zoom! Will be praying. May the eyes of their hearts be opened to the truth of God’s word. May His love penetrate them deeply. May their longing be satisfied in Him!

  2. Will be praying

  3. What a widow/door into how they perceive their own people…may God give you even more opportunities to share the truth of the gospel in these days of desperate need!

  4. May the ancient doors be lifted up!!! King of Glory, come!

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