Prayer Point: Relationship Not Religion

The churches here are tall, stately buildings with an imposing presence that cannot be missed. So often, though, the gospel is misrepresented within their walls. Please pray that there would be a revival in the church here, that the religious leaders would move from tradition and personal gain to leading the people closer to the One and Only God, and that the cross atop these impressive buildings would mean more relationship and less religion.


  1. May the Holy Spirit work in the children, then the mothers and the fathers.
    Come to Jesus as a little child, for they are open minds, then the parents, because they love their children. So, the gospel will spread.

  2. John McMannus

    July 18, 2019 at 7:20 am

    When tradition grabs a church and the people in that church lose a relationship with Christ the church becomes a very dark place.

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