Prayer Point: Requests

As we enter spring, some of our friends are experiencing dark days of illness and grief. Please pray for a student, “D”, who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. Chemo treatments are causing him to be very ill, and we are praying for full healing for him. We were also very encouraged to hear him share that when someone knows Jesus, they don’t need to be afraid of death.

Another friend, “N”‘s mom died very unexpectedly from multiple aneurisms. As I sat with her at the home visitation, she shared that she can’t believe it has happened. Her deep pain and grief is evident. Please pray for her heart to be protected from bitterness, and that she will experience God’s deep comfort, peace, and grace during this time.


  1. Praying for you as you walk with those who are experiencing such pain and hardship.

  2. Praying

  3. Prayers for ‘D’ for tolerance of treatment & healing. Hugs & prayers for’N’. May they both be touched by Jesus’ loving arms.

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