Prayer Point: Team Green Children

We believe that the children on this team are as much a part of Team Green as the adults. We have seen how God uses each of them as they grow up in this country. Having Rowan, we’ve seen it in little ways (walking down the street and watching people’s faces transform into big grins at the sight of the “little bear”) and in slightly bigger ways (Rowan getting passed from person to person in stores, restaurants, and salons like the one above). Our prayer is that having Rowan will not only start conversations, but also will open doors to new friendships. Join us in praying for the Team Green children and their ministry here — who knows what God will do through them, from the biggest to the littlest?


  1. Love to see the connections to all groups (men – soccer) and through all ages (dear Rowan!)

  2. Beautiful!

  3. You are so right. The little child shall lead them. That is why I enjoyed many years teaching with CEF. Praying with you.

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