The Backstory

This picture tells a story of friends sharing a relaxing meal together  on a beautiful, sunny,  fall day.  While true invitations from locals come with their own cultural twists and turns, they can leave us feeling uncertain but so thankful for the gift of sharing time together. Here’s the backstory:

  • The initial invitation: Deciphering who’s invited and the location.
  • The date:  72 hours in advance, no location or time given
  • The other decisions: Who will drive? Will we take kids? What gift should we bring? What foods to bring? 
  • The night before: Last minute gift item to purchase, store is closing, begging a worker to stay open for 2 more minutes. Still no address, not sure of the time. 
  • The morning of:  Time is communicated along with vague directions— “Take main road and drive toward the mountains.” 
  • The drive: More directions— “Park near this intersection and let me know when you are there.” 
  • The meet-up: We follow our friend to his home.
  • The first two hours: Catching up, holding the new baby, showing us around, playing with their two-year-old son, great conversation, fire for BBQ is started and takes work to make it just right. Hosts prepared several dishes the night before. Meat was purchased from local butcher that morning. 
  • The meal: Meat is cooked, dishes brought out, table set, water brought in from the well, special juice prepared, guests served first, 2-year-old changing seats and deciding to only eat pastries.
  • Guests enjoying the meal together on a beautiful, sunny, fall day! 

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  1. That home visit sounded like an adventure with many challenges to overcome! Time well spent.

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