This but Not That

I’m willing to ride this gondola across the old part of our city. I might do a zip line across the local botanical garden. But I definitely won’t bungee jump (if that was a thing here). It’s easy for me to set limits on what I will and won’t do, and sometimes it makes sense.  I really DON’T want to bungee jump! However, there are areas of life where I need to be more open—especially to the leading of the Holy Spirit. As our team has been praying and sorting out what God has for us in this season, we’ve all agreed that we want to be  servants ready to bend our preferences to the work that God is doing around us. Please pray for us and with us that we will be ready and willing!

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  1. I’m praying God will answer your prayer both to be willing and able to bend but also to know where and how to bend.
    Miss you all!

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