His Amazing Race—Team Green

Over the years, pastors and church leaders have asked the question: “How do we connect our congregation with missions that are thousands of miles away?” God’s word is clear, we are all on the same mission, we are all part of His Amazing Race! This video series provides clear connecting points to the work that God is doing through our team in Green Mountains, and the work that He is doing in your community! Each segment has a different topic and challenge given by a couple from Team Green.

Our hope is that these 60-90 second videos will be conversation starters for your congregation, missional communities, small groups, Sunday school classes, and/or youth groups. Pick and choose the order and topics that work for you—use all twelve or just a few. Each clip provides a topic, scripture, and a challenge to join God in the work of the Great Commission—“no matter where you’re sitting this morning, the challenge is there—let’s go!”

Video 1:
Dave and Deb
Perspective: Consider the challenges of life overseas
Challenge: Have a lights out night, or cook a meal with limited ingredients

Video 2:
Kirk and Valisha
God’s Word: Hiding His word in our hearts to share with others
Challenge: Memorize a verse

Video 3:
Jim and Kathy
Community Engagement
Challenge: Find ways to get involved where you live

Video 4:
Dave and Deb
Cross-cultural experiences: God brings people to us
Challenge: Tutor an ESL student, visit a local ethnic restaurant

Video 5:
Kirk and Valisha
Being Uncomfortable
Challenge: What has God been speaking to your heart? Go do it!

Video 6:
Jim & Kathy
Good Intentions: Take those intentions and turn them into action
Challenge: Be intentional about engaging with your neighbors, don’t just think about it—do it!

Video 7:
Dave and Deb
Hospitality: Sharing meals
Challenge: Invite someone for a meal this month.

Video 8:
Kirk and Valisha
Neighbors: Get to know them
Challenge: Meet a neighbor you haven’t met

Video 9:
Jim & Kathy
Words and Actions: Give a reason for your hope
Challenge: Back your actions with words that point to God

Video 10:
Dave and Deb
Learn about the Nations: The nations will bow before Christ, know about them so that you can pray for them effectively
Challenge: Learn about the nations of the world, where they are, etc.

Video 11:
Kirk and Valisha
Learning Posture: Learning from others can lead to deeper relationships
Challenge: Spend time with someone learning from them, allowing them to help you, and see what God does.

Video 12:
Jim & Kathy
Prayer: Pray actively
Challenge: Find ways to keep your prayer life active