Month: May 2013

Victory Day

May 9, 1945 Nazi Germany officially signed the document of surrender with representatives from the Soviet Union.  The people of, formerly part of the Soviet Union, suffered one of the greatest amount of casualties in World War II. Today we praise God for the victory the Allies had over the Axis and are reminded of the victory we recently celebrated on Easter that Christ had over death.  Pray with us for the people here to find true victory in Jesus Christ.

Victory Day


Easter is one of the most important holidays here.  It starts with taking time to clean their homes on Thursday, to mourning the death of Christ on Red Friday, to staying up the entire night Saturday to witness the new light of morning on Sunday, when Christ rose from the dead. Though many participate in these celebrations, to most it is simply an act of tradition, and lacks true meaning. Please pray with us, that as the people go to their church buildings, kiss icons, frescos, and crosses, and get sprinkled with holy water, they would encounter the living Christ in a new way.  Pray that they would not just experience the tradition of church, but also experience the transforming power of Christ in their

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