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Our Hardware Store

It’s always an adventure when we look for just the right part that we need for a project.  


First time trying tongue

Dinner with several of our students gave us an opportunity to sample tongue for the first time…imagine a slab of cold roast beef with no real flavor.  Delish!

Morning at the lake

A beautiful spot tucked away in the hills above the city, this lake is a place where lots of people go to get fresh air and a little exercise.


It is worth it!

During our most recent class on January 21, 2014 at a local university, we were reviewing the lessons from the semester.  The students learned about expressing their opinions and in this review we asked them their opinions on how to make our lessons better.  There were many positive comments from the students about how much they love our classes.  One student in particular said something that reminds us of the impact we are hoping to have here.  She said, “I feel better about myself because of your classes.  I arrive often overwhelmed with problems, but I leave with a new attitude and a new hope.”  Though we are teaching English, we praise God that we have had an opportunity to share about Him and to offer hope to these students.  We pray that many of them would find the ultimate source of hope through a relationship with Jesus.

Orthodox Epiphany- “Natisgheba”

GM people reaching out to receive the blessings of the holy water.

GM people reaching out to receive the blessings of the holy water.

Another Short Clip

Another minute of a day in our city.  Pray for these people, that their hearts would be softened towards His Spirit at work.

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View of our city!

Last Day

Some neighbors decided to get a Christmas tree at the very last minute (and most likely, lowest possible price).  It was such a sweet moment to see this young family getting a tree together that I decided to seize the moment and catch it on the camera!


Christmas Celebration with Beginner level, Business English & Medical English classes


Center classes with their families

Center classes with their families

We enjoyed a time of celebrating Christmas with our students from our various classes held at our Center. We invited them along with their families to join us for a time of appreciating the gift of Christmas. It’s our desire to continue to deepen our relationships beyond the classroom setting so we can share “life” with our students.



One highlight from this season was going to see the Nutcracker ballet with friends and family!


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