Month: February 2014

A Walking Tour

We enjoyed an afternoon walking tour with several of the students from our university classes.  They practiced their English by sharing with us like we were first time tourists exploring the city.


February Thursdays

For the month of February, we have been hosting small events for University students at our center.  It has been a good opportunity to speak more about God and also to get to know students in smaller groups as they practice English.  Our theme for the month is love.  Please pray that as we talk about love, people would hear about the love of God and desire to know him in a deeper more personal way.

What’s the story behind this abandoned building?!



This abandoned building is just outside the English center where we teach.  We often wonder about what it used to be and would love to know the story.

Academic Board

One of the largest universities in our city has requested for us to teach English to their Academic Board.  This is the same university we have worked long and hard to get into to teach the students.  We began teaching 7 members of the board on February 4, 2014.  We praise God for these new opportunities and ask that you pray with us that God would use this to develop relationships and impact lives for the Kingdom.

Snow in the city

image We don’t get tons of snow here in the city, so whenever it accumulates we rejoice!  So fun!

A good problem to have…

We are grateful for a recent dilemma–of having an influx of people wanting to learn English at our Center. Thankfully we have a little more flexibility in our schedules this month, as the Universities are on Winter Break, so we don’t have those classes. However, as of last week, three new classes were started at our Center. Monday evenings, we offer two Conversational English classes- one Intermediate level, and one Beginner level. We have also begun a new Tuesday & Thursday morning class for Mid-Level Beginners. This class is comprised of a group of people from a neighboring country who came to our Center expressing a desire to learn from us. It’s exciting to see how God has opened doors for us to share His truth with people from surrounding nations that are not easy to access. Please pray for us, that we would not only have wisdom and discernment as to what opportunities to say “yes” to, but also that our focus would always be to share His truth with all of our students, and that our Center would be a source of light in our community!

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