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These photos are of an apartment that is under construction.  It will be the future home of one of our longtime students at the Center.  The shell of the whole 14 story building is still being completed as our student is working on the apartment for his wife and child.  Thank you for praying for our students as we work to build deeper relationships with them.

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In the US and here, everyday errands are great opportunities to reach out to those we meet. God is always working around us, so we pray that we are a light charged and shining each day. This young team member was quite a hit when she went for her first real haircut, but the best part was  seeing how the fruits of the Spirit translate into any language. Thank you, Father!

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New Wedding Rings!!!

The tradition here is to wear a GOLD ring, on you RIGHT ring finger!  Many of us have decided not to flash our diamonds while we live here, but recently we had a whole new level of commitment when this teammate couple bought each other traditional rings!!!  Pray for us as we learn how to cross over into this new place — making appropriate changes to really connect well with the people and their hearts here.



Thank you for praying!  We had a great gathering at our Center with lots of students from two different Universities!  We played games, had snacks, talked a lot, and ended with a poem on our perspective on thankfulness.  Keep praying — we will have another event, just like this one each month!  We would love to have these students invite their friends and keep the group growing!

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Another sight from this past weekend: a mural depicting a truce from one of many of the battles over this beautiful land!



This Friday evening (Friday morning your time), we have invited all of the University students to come to our Center for a Thanksgiving experience!  We will play games, have food, talk, and challenge the students to share what they are thankful for.  This is usually the best opportunity we have to share very directly about Who we are thankful for and why we are thankful for relationship with Him.  Will you pray with us for good turn-out, great interactions and lives that want to know more about God!

Here’s a pic from last year’s event:


Road Trip

The men of Team Green went on a road trip through the Green Mountains!  Here is part one of the beauty they saw:

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So many faces on these elevators.  He knows each one by name…


Team Prayer Retreat

We were able to get away for a few days, as a team, by the seaside. This was a time of re-focus, family-focus, and prayer-focus renewal. It really was a great time to connect in a setting outside of the city. Thank you for joining with us in asking God for health as a team, as family units, and as individuals.
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Harvest Festival, Part 2

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