Month: December 2014

December University Event, part 2

Here are a few more pics of the evening:

IMG_4357 IMG_4324 IMG_4316

December University Night, part 1

As you know, we do an outreach every month to get to know our University students a little better.  This month, we decided to invite them to our apartment.  Even though our gas was shut off for the day and we didn’t have heat, we had a great turnout!  We watched part of The Nativity and hope this time deepened our relationship with them.


Traffic Wars…Parking Woes


Found this car sitting on three wheels just outside the entrance to our building.  The shadows make it difficult to see, but the rear left tire is nearly a foot off the ground!  There has been a lot of new construction in our neighborhood so parking spots are difficult to find!  We are thankful for God’s protection over us as we have driven many miles in the chaotic traffic of this capital city.  Pray with us for patience and grace on the days when we get cut off in traffic or can’t find a parking spot.  It’s in these moments when we are “bumped” that we can either spill grace or anger, and we long to be filled with His love in every situation.

Something in the air…


Our team has been had some up and down days with health…adults and kids alike have dealt with different respiratory issues and fevers.  One of our students at the Center decided that to protect himself from all of us he was going to wear a mask for the entirety of his lesson.  We couldn’t stop laughing!  So far he reports excellent health and will continue to wear the mask.

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