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Fun Fact Friday: Bazaar Shopping

Shopping here is quite an experience. Now that it is winter, we are seeing more and more “canned” foods. See the pigs’ heads peaking out. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that!


English Intensive Video Recap

Attention Crate Enthusiasts

Crates used for arts and crafts may not be as popular here, but we are able to find them at different fruit and vegetable stands.  We have had fun finding the best deal around town and explaining to locals that we want them to hold books, not fruits!


Chess Club Chums

Most days, when we walk by this park near our ho​me, there are older men playing chess, backgammon, checkers, or just sitting and talking. We enjoy watching them and seeing them care for each other through games, stories, and smiles.



Fun Fact Friday: English Update

Today concludes the exciting whirlwind of our two-week English intensive. Thank you so much for praying! Here are several fun facts from the week. Please lift up how God might use this intensive in the future–perhaps with teams from the US.

1. Students from 3 different universities attended.
2.  Unexpectedly, 5 different countries were represented.
3.  We originally had 12 people attending, and we asked people to pray for 20. After one no-show, there were 20 students who ranged from university-age to grandparent-age!
4.  There were 2 students attending, on scholarship, from the local fellowship.
5. We partnered with 2 other like-minded organizations.
6.  We met Monday-Friday from 10-3, and many are interested in continuing lessons!
IMG_4543 IMG_4550 IMG_4552


Have you ever had to give a presentation? Were you a little nervous, maybe even fearful that someone would laugh at you? Now, have you ever done it in another language? Tomorrow, our intensive students will give a short presentation in English. Culturally, it is not unusual for people to laugh out loud at others in these types of situations. We’ve done some pre-teaching on how to be encouraging listeners, but we’d love for you to join us in praying for a spirit of peace and respect as students present, and as they listen to their peers.



Intensive Update!

We’ve entered the second week of the two-week, English intensive. This is a first-time offering at the Center, and we are so thankful for all that God is doing. We had 12 people signed up a few days before the start date, but we were praying, (and many of you joined us), for 20. Can you guess how many we’ve had in attendance? 20! Thank you to the One who answers and provides.



A Specific Prayer Request

We have one student, Giorgi, who has already graduated.  This has not stopped him from continuing to come to every event we offer (even the Intensive Camp this week).  He is a professed athiest, but we believe God’s hand is on him.  He is paired up with one of our new teammates as a language helper, and we use him to translate for our team.  Would you pray for his heart?  For his soul?  For him to come to a crisis of belief?

Love & Marriage

The majority of marriages here are based on “man’s” ideas of love–many are broken and are hurting. Join us in praying for His love to mend sacred covenants and heal broken hearts through His restoration and grace.


Fun Fact Friday: Hearts, Hearts Everywhere

Maybe you’ve seen these hearts on Pinterest–well, someone has been trying this craft project out on trees around the city. What a wonderful reminder that the heart is a beautiful and complex thing, yet fully known by our Father.

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