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In this place, we regularly see the importance of traditions in people’s lives.  We pray that God will show us ways that traditions can open doors and help us engage with those who need Him.

Fun Fact Friday: Copy That

Where do you take copy jobs for home, work, or school? This doorway, right above the man’s head, is where we go to make copies.  In a room the size of a walk-in closet, there are three copy machines, a desk, and two women! They have been very helpful to us over the past three years!


Deep Roots

We were walking through a park here in the city when this tree overcame us with its size — it’s just huge.  In some ways, it even looks like two or three trees, but it only has one trunk!  Because it is so tall and still standing so straight, we began talking about the roots–  how deep they must be.  Would you pray for our roots — that we would find deep Truth and Direction from our Source?  Would you pray for the Roots we are trying to start here?  He is at work, gardening.  He is at work on roots in people’s hearts already–pray that we would be diligent in seeking where He is moving.


Friendly Competition

Take a look at our homemade ping pong table (we looked up the dimensions on Wikipedia and had wood cut at the local market). Friendly competition has been a bridge as we build relationships with local men.


Relics of the Past

As we travelled outside of the city recently, we were reminded of the pain and suffering that has been caused by decades filled with conflict and turmoil. These images of the past are difficult to ignore as many relics exist for all to see. Please pray for the scars that can’t be seen and for the healing that only He can bring.


Fun Fact Friday: Look, Mom–No Gas!

Our week of Superstitions & Legends in GM concludes today, and we’ve saved the best for last. Many locals share with newcomers about this city legend. Take a look!

Superstitions: Doorways and Drains

Strong superstition can dictate every day interactions and their meanings. When life is uncertain, many find solace in this type of “control.” Please pray for the men and women of this land to rest in the One who loves them instead of in their own day-to-day actions. 

GM Superstition: Reaching across a threshold to shake hands brings bad luck.


GM Superstition: When you have a nightmare, immediately after you wake up you should “tell your nightmare to water” (say it out loud in the shower or standing in front of the sink) and the evil of the nightmare will wash away down the drain.



Legends: Past and Present

Legend and the history of this land bleed into everything.  Many church buildings are hundreds of years old, and the stories are older.  One story states that during an invasion and occupation several hundred years ago, the people of this nation were asked to forsake their national faith and submit to foreign gods.  They were unflinching in their choice to maintain their Christian faith, and in just a few days, at a particular point in the river, it is estimated that forty thousand people were martyred. This place where the river flowed red is still revered by the people today as a testament of their strong faith. Please pray for the people of GM to respect the past, and to see that Jesus asks to be in a relationship with them today.


Superstitions: Corners and Cats

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day in the US–the color green and gestures for good luck are standards for this holiday. Here are some more GM superstitions that have persisted through the years.

In ancient times, it was usually the older, unmarried women, poor relatives, and dependents who took the humblest places at the table—the corner seats.  From this developed the idea that if an unmarried girl sits at the corner of the table, she will not marry for seven years.

photo 12

Here’s a superstition that’s similar to one you’ve likely heard: It’s bad luck when a black cat walks across your path.  Throw pebbles across the place where your paths cross if needed.


Superstitions: Suitcases and Salt

Friday the 13th and four-leaf clovers–we have our share of superstitions in the US. As believers, we understand that there’s no power in a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe, but in GM superstition is deeply ingrained in the culture and national religion. These beliefs highlight the great need for Peace, assurance, and hope in the lives of our neighbors. 

Superstition: Sit on your suitcase before you leave home for about 3 minutes, and then you will have a safe trip.


Superstition: It is a bad omen if you accidentally knock salt over at the table.  It is important to immediately throw some over your shoulder to avoid future problems.



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