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Are You Going to Keep It?

“When are you due?” “How have you been feeling?” “Are your other children excited?”

As we congratulated our teacher on her pregnancy, these were the questions we asked. However, as we talked, she shared that the FIRST question that family and friends had asked was, “Are you going to keep it?” 

She explained that abortion is used as birth control and for gender selection here, and that many do not believe that there is life in utero. She sees things much differently and expressed her grief over the loss of life that is happening in GM. What a contrast to the love and generosity we see for the children of GM after they are born–this picture is from a recent “Baby Expo” at our city’s mall. Please pray for the truth of life to be made known across this land, for redemption, and for healing.


Color Fun Run Update

Thank you for praying for this weekend’s event. We learned a lot about making homemade color (about 48 kilos of it!), and working through unexpected turns as we planned! After a very rainy week, we had to move the run to our rain date. Today, about 40 of us gathered at the old hippodrome in our city. It was a great time of seeing new and familiar faces, and having fun together. We are grateful to God who knows just what we need!



Fun Fact Friday: Field Forum

We recently met for Field Forum, and a team from the States came to minister to us. We are so grateful for the time, energy, and prayer that they invested in our families. Thank you!



Prayers Please: We Went Viral

Imagine our surprise when a simple Facebook event post went viral last Friday. We weren’t expecting over 2,000 people to click, “Will Attend” when we planned a color fun-run 5k. Since that time, we’ve asked for people to register, and we’re expecting about 200 attendees (we were originally thinking 50 would be a great turn-out)! Please join us in praying for the needed supplies, a smooth, safe event, a lot of fun, and opportunities to share the reason for our hope!


His Course

We are all faced with decisions on a daily basis. Let’s join together in praying for wisdom and guidance as we start a new week. “A person plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

PicMonkey Collage

A Healthy, Happy Life

Recently during class, we asked students to share tips on how to live a healthy and happy life. Class suggestions included, “get sleep, exercise, live a religious life, eat well, don’t become angry, do what you love, be a good friend, etc.” It is always fun to engage in these types of conversations with the students, and they are doing a great job standing in front of a classroom of their peers and speaking in English! Please pray that many will add knowing Christ to their list as God works in the hearts of these students.

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Fun Fact Friday: The Original Chevron

The chevron pattern has been everywhere over the last few years, but it was in Green Mountains way before it hit the shelves of Target. This country has a long tradition of artists, and their work can be seen in everyday things such as this wall. We are thankful for the creative spirit that is alive and well in this place!



One of Those Days

While traveling through the countryside, we noticed a potential disaster unfolding. A truck had gotten off of the path, and ended up stuck in deep water. I’m guessing the driver was thankful for the people who came in tractors and ATVs (of sorts) to help, but it’s likely that his drowning truck had most of his attention. This scene reminded me of a recent Bible study that encouraged readers to focus on the supply (God’s Power) instead of the obstacles at hand. May He be our focus each day as we find ourselves in deep waters.


Easter Traditions: The Church

For centuries, people here have met in churches beginning the Saturday night before Easter to pray, to light candles, and to take communion. They look to their church leaders and to icons such as those shown below, to be their mediators. Over and over, those who come are told that they have no direct access to God. In fact, this is a day of celebration that the one and only mediator has risen. We pray that this truth will be known, and that people will be set free.



Fun Fact Friday: The Eggs

Good Friday sounds funny to some people here, why would we call the day that Jesus was crucified a “good” day? Even the eggs, dyed on this day, symbolize the blood that was shed. We pray that this Easter God will move in the hearts of many to show them the Good News of the cross.



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