Month: November 2015

Questions and Answers

Where do you go to find answers to life’s questions? Many of the locals here rely on their priests to tell them how to live life, and view his word as authority. Sadly, most are never encouraged to search the Word for the answers themselves. In fact, most are even told they are not capable to understand it on their own, so they don’t even try. Pray for us as many of our students are asking us real-life questions, and we are encouraging them to search for answers in the Word. Pray that those who are truly seeking will find the answer—The Truth!


Fun Fact Friday: Thanksgiving

Yesterday wasn’t a holiday in Green Mountains, but we brought a little bit of the States to our Thursday evening discussion class. Fall decorations, delicious desserts, and conversations about thankfulness made what was just a regular day here something special. As each of us shared what we’re thankful for the themes of family, health, and even life itself were echoed over and over. Many mentioned being thankful to God for these things–please join us in praying that these acknowledgments of “good and perfect gifts from above” will stir a longing for deep relationships with Him.

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Coming Soon!!!

We are gearing up for our second English Intensive Camp to be held from February 8-19. Please pray for us as we are planning and organizing teams from the USA that will come over to GM to help us facilitate this program. All of the students that were involved last year raved about how much they loved it—so pray that all of the details come together, and that we can provide another amazing experience this year.

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Broken People, Amazing Grace


“We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” 1 Corinthians 4:7 (NLT)

Lord, may the people of Green Mountains see your love through us—simple, broken people who have been transformed by your amazing grace in our lives.

Fun Fact Friday: The Pumpkin Process


How are you preparing for next week’s Thanksgiving celebration? We’ve gotten used to a few more steps between us and anything pumpkin! Instead of canned puree, we pick up whole pumpkins from the fruit stand (or pre-cut slices like these), roast them in the oven, and then mash or puree it. The few extra steps are worth it when we enjoy our favorite fall recipes.

Dry Bones


In the past, hunters often offered the bones of their kill to various gods. As Christianity was introduced, these practices made their way into some churches. Today, animal sacrifice is still practiced in some remote parts of the country. Please join us in praying for a deep understanding that the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross was enough.

Fun Fact Friday: Bus Ride Home

A recent trip from a neighboring city by mini-bus solidified some things we have come to know and love about our home–when you’re using public transportation, sometimes it’s better when you can’t see what’s happening on the road, our friends here share their thoughts and opinions openly, and there is always someone willing to share a quick glance and a chuckle at the ensuing commotion. Thanking God for a safe and entertaining trip!




photo (2)There are beautiful doors all over this place, but there are just as many that are plain–even worn out–such as the one above. No matter what a door looks like, if it is open, there is a sense of approachability and welcoming. Lord, may we always be open, approachable, and ready to give an answer for our hope!

Fun Fact Friday: Games

photo (3)We enjoyed playing this relative of air hockey at a recent city celebration–fun for the whole family!

Beauty in the Everyday: Fall Celebration

photo (1)Our city hosted a fall celebration recently, and we were once again impressed with the artistic creativity in this place. Simple galvanized buckets were made into welcoming archways that dotted the pedestrian walkways. We are thankful for the beauty all around us!

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