Month: January 2016

The Way

Sitting here listening to the news, it’s obvious that times are difficult in this place. Headlines in recent days have included currency devaluation at record levels, flu fears, and the uncertainty of new government leadership. Please join us in praying for our friends in Green Mountains, that they will find true rest and true peace in the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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Fun Fact Friday: Star Wars Horse

A recent visit to a local village in the mountains gave us a chance to see winter life outside of the city. This “resort” of sorts offers everything you need to have fun in the snow–including several forms of transportation. We saw horses, horse-drawn wagons, skis, sleds, snowmobiles, and…..Well, we’re not sure what to call this cross between a Segway and a Caterpillar, so we called it a “Star Wars Horse.”


Intensive Prayer: Participants

We’re expecting between 20-24 participants to attend the upcoming English intensive–16 (and counting) have already registered. Take a peek at a recap from last February’s program. While you watch, please pray for those who will attend!

Leaving the Light On…


It was Christmas Eve, which is January 6 here, and we were looking out of our apartment window with eager expectation. No, we weren’t waiting for Santa—we were waiting for the light. We caught a glimpse of a flicker in one window, then in another–soon the apartment building across the way from us was glowing a bit brighter. People here light a candle, place it on their windowsill, and then open their window a crack just before midnight on Christmas Eve. This is done in memory of Joseph & Mary, and how they needed a place to stay. The people of GM symbolically light a candle, lighting the way, and “inviting” them into their homes. As we watched our neighbors perform this ritual, we cried out to God that their eyes would be opened to His truth, that they would see His light, and welcome His Spirit into their lives.

Intensive Prayer: Registration


Last year we asked you to pray for students to sign-up for the two-week English intensive, and He answered! This year, we already have 15 students registered for the daytime intensive and 2 registered for the evening intensive (a new addition to the schedule). Ideally, we’d like to have another 5-10 students for the daytime, and at least another 15 for the evening. Please join us in praying not only for those who are already registered, but also that He would bring just the right students that need to be there—we are confident He will!

On Thin Ice…


As we teach English and learn our new language, we enjoy sharing and hearing new idioms. This picture conjures up one in particular, “You’re skating on thin ice.” How often do you and I feel this way? How often does the “thin ice” of life push us back to the wall–to hang on for dear life? In this place, and in your town, many people are hurting and searching for a safe place to stand–solid ground. Please join us in praying that we will help shine His light, and that many will find healing and rest in Him!

“Intensive” Prayer

Our team is gearing up for a two-week English intensive in February. Please remember us in prayer as we plan for the students and those who are coming to help us. Of course, we desire to teach well, but our deepest hope is that our students will meet the One whom we serve. Please pray for transformed lives–for opportunities to share our testimonies boldly, for deeper conversations, and for the Spirit’s presence to be evident in all we say and do.

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Fun Fact Friday: Celebrating

Our city knows how to celebrate the New Year, and we had a great view. Enjoy the show!

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Dashing Through the Snow

photo-41Even the smallest child can join in the winter fun with this stroller/sled. This culture loves children, and they often show it through kind words or gestures of affection. So much so that one team child recently covered her face and declared, “I don’t want anyone to pinch my cheeks!” Please join us in praying for the young people and children of this land–that they will grow up knowing that they are loved both by their Earthly family and their Heavenly Father.

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