Month: March 2016

Prayer Point: Beauty from the Inside Out


This building captured my attention as I walked down the street. Somewhat hidden by a fence, my imagination was kicked into high gear. What had it been? The outside held a certain beauty, yet the darkness inside made it seem uninviting. A couple of weeks ago, the Thursday night discussion class topic was external beauty. This week our students will tackle the subject of internal beauty. Please join us in praying that the students will hear about the Light that changes us from the inside out.

Prayer Point: Truth and Tradition

Almost every Thursday, several students meet around tables to discuss a new topic. Our team enjoys it when an American holiday provides a springboard for deeper conversation, and this week we’ve hit a pot o’ gold!  As you get up on St. Patrick’s Day, and put on your favorite green attire, please pray for our students as we discuss how truth can morph into traditions. May God use this topic to spark questions in their hearts, and may we be bold in sharing the Truth that never changes!


Fun Fact Friday: Fruit Snacks–GM Style!!

Our market has a colorful array of all-natural snacks. You can find everything from strings of nuts dipped in grape juice & flour to delicious fruit roll-ups sold in round sheets. Dark red is a ripe plum, the yellow is apple, green is kiwi and the purplish color is made from wild, unripe plums–a great treat for those of you who enjoy sour patch kids!


Signs of Spring


International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, means one thing in this place–flowers, flowers everywhere! The daffodils, violets, and local wildflowers are signs that spring is just around the corner. As we saw many people walking with bouquets, we were reminded to pray for the  women of this place–would you join us? “Father, help the women of GM to know how deeply you love and value them. Help them to understand the Truth and to long for the wholeness that only you can bring!”

Look Out Below!

It’s always fun to discover new signs here. This one was a little disturbing, as we were walking in a valley along a river. I believe it was telling us, “Look out below!” However, there was nowhere to run if things started to tumble!


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