Month: April 2016

Fun Fact Friday: Great Finds!


Have you ever seen the show “Antique Roadshow?” They would enjoy finding all kinds of treasures at one of our favorite markets that is filled with things from the old Soviet era. From soldiers’ medals to vintage toys– you never know what you’ll discover!!!

Celebrate Good Times!


Events, weekly open center times, the first group gatherings to study His word, and other less formal times of meeting and chatting–there’s a lot to celebrate. God is working in hearts here and where you live! What a privilege to be a part of His plans!

Prayer Point: Rushing Waters


About 10 months ago, this seemingly small river turned into a raging torrent when a natural dam broke after hours of steady rain. Lives and property were lost, and their was an outpouring of love for those touched by the disaster. While this flood was a tragedy, the image of rushing water that transforms everything in its path is very powerful. Please join us in praying for His Spirit to pour out on this place and change the lives of all who experience it!

Fun Fact Friday: United

One of the greatest strengths of this nation is their great love of their country. These people will stand united — both on the battlefields of war, and at sporting events– they are a force to be reckoned with!

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Not All the Same


This graffiti, painted on a wall on a narrow side street in our city, depicts the message this country was taught while under communist rule–“You are all the same.” It is amazing to see how far this nation has already come, and how the people are choosing to celebrate their uniqueness. It is our prayer that they would understand how the Creator God did in fact create each of them, and that He has a wonderful plan filled with hope for their future!

Lost in Translation


A new restaurant is opening up in our neighborhood, and their sign is a great reminder of why we are studying the heart language of this place. The company’s name isn’t actually translated here at all–it’s just spelled out using the local alphabet. The result is unintentionally humorous and ironic, because the sign has a picture of a woman, but the local word for father (mama) on it.

Why do we study language and culture? Because we know that the deep truths of God’s word can get lost in translation if we can only speak them in English and out of our own cultural context. Praise be to God for His work and help as we continue the language journey.

Prayer Point: Marriage

We had a discussion recently in one of our classes about marriage. One of the women shared how difficult it is to be a wife in this culture. She said it is expected that your husband will have relationships with many other women, but as long as he comes home to you, you should be happy.  She then went on to share her own story–that she could not live like that anymore, and so got divorced. She said she longs for the day when women will be loved, cherished, and treated with respect in a marriage. Join us in praying for this, and that we will be healthy examples of what Christ designed marriage to be.


Prayer Point: Access


Remains from a cathedral built over 1,500 years ago remind us of the church’s long history in this place and the great need that exists. The need isn’t for more church buildings, like much of America there are churches in every neighborhood. What’s lacking here is access. While Bibles are readily available, people are often told that they can’t understand scripture, and that their curiosity to know more about God’s word is wrong. Please join us in praying for walls to be broken down, and for access to the Truth.

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