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Fun Fact Friday: Last Day!!

Today is the last day of the English intensive, and we are so thankful for all that God has done! Here are some fun intensive facts!

–Two of the students had never come to the Center before the intensive started

–Twelve women and 5 men participated

–Students ranged in age from 17 to 50 something

–Five intensive students are also our students at a local university

–One student brought her husband to our Monday night class this week (after being at the intensive all day!), and then he brought a work colleague to last night’s regular Thursday night class!

–The students include two university lecturers, a local business owner, university students, master’s level students, high school students, and a soccer coach.




Intensive Prayer: Project Time

The two-week intensive culminates on Friday with student presentations. As you can imagine, this can be a bit scary for some of the participants. Please be praying for them as they prepare over the next two days. As staff, we want to be great encouragers during this time, so please ask God to give us wisdom and insight into what each student needs to hear. May we lift His name high and be extra “fruity” (Gal. 5: 22) as we love on each person here!!

DSCF2013 DSCF2045

Intensive Praise!

DSCF1585 We’ll begin week two of the English intensive tomorrow, and we’re praising God for all He’s done so far! Please pray for good health and more opportunities to share with our students. This group is very motivated, so you can also pray that they will continue to take risks and to grow in their English abilities. Thank you for joining us in this way–it means so much!!!







Friday Fun: Intensive Video!!!

Intensive Prayer: 17 Students and 3 Days!

Thank you for praying–we are praising God for a great start to the English intensive! Seventeen students have been with us for three days–speaking, singing, playing games, writing, and getting to know one another. Take a peek at what we’ve been up to, and please keep praying for opportunities to have deeper conversations!

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Intensive Prayer


The two-week English intensive begins tomorrow, and we are so thankful for the students who will be with us! Please pray for them by name–that they will leave each day with new insights into the English language and into God’s great love for them!

Glimpse of the City: Shoti in Iowa?

For less than the equivalent of $.30, we can pick up a loaf of traditional, fresh-baked flatbread called “shoti.”  It is a delicious addition to any meal!  We recently heard that friends of the team, Max and Diane from Nashua, Iowa, tried making their own shoti!  We were excited to see the pictures of a successful shoti-making experience.
2007-01-01 12.00.56-1
From Max:
“I finally had time to try making some shoti bread and take some pictures.  I think I need to bake it longer to get the good color.  The bread was done enough to eat, it just didn’t have the color.  We thought it would be good with stew or soup or maybe as a pulled pork sandwich.  We tried it while it was warm spread with butter which was good also.  I used a convection oven set at 475F to bake the bread.”
 Way to go, Max and Diane!!  Thanks for the creative way you encouraged us and are praying for us.  We appreciate you!!
2007-01-01 12.01.37-3

February Prayer Focus: Teachers and Students


February Prayer Focus: Students and Teachers

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

February is a busy month for our team as we host two weeks of intensive English courses. The intensive begins on Monday, February 13th! These weeks are special times of working together with short-term teams, interns, and our students. We look forward to learning, having fun, and engaging in opportunities to share more about our Hope.

Prayer Points:

—Praise God for the way He has used past intensives to build new relationships, strengthen old ones, and for the interns and short-term teams who will serve with us.

—Pray for our teaching to always be done with an eternal perspective, and that our work in the classroom will challenge our students through the work of His Spirit.

—Intercede with us for the hearts of our students—that they will be open and ready to respond to the Gospel.




On January 19, our country celebrates the Epiphany of Jesus.  On this day they commemorate the baptism of Jesus and Him being revealed to the world.  Please pray with us, that this year Jesus would be made known in a real and personal way to people of Green Mountains.

Glimpse of the City: Paths and Patterns

These different patterns are part of the path that I walk, almost on a daily basis.  I love how much they change and hint at a story of the layers and layers of history here:IMG_0372 2 IMG_0370 IMG_0375 IMG_0371 2

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