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Prayer Point: Welcome!!

We are so excited to welcome a new full-time team member on Wednesday evening (our time)! Please pray for her as she travels and settles into life here in GM!

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Praise Him!

Look what God has done!! Thank you for praying, here’s just a little of what happened at the two-week intensive:

–We saw a lot of growth and improvement in our students’ conversational English. Everyone did very well on their presentations, and even smiled and laughed along the way!

–We reconnected with one student who had formerly attended a COF group. During the course of the intensive she shared some struggles with a team member. In turn, that team member was able to share her story of redemption, and challenge the student to ask God for help. The student did, and reported that as soon as she cried out to God she felt at peace. Please continue to lift Sofia up as she makes decisions and turns to God.

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–Three students expressed interest in reading the Bible, and were invited to a COF group. We are so excited to hear how God has been stirring in their hearts! Please join us in praying for these three young women–that they will be able to join us this Friday night!

–During the culture presentations, several students shared about how Jesus is important to them during Christmas. One believing student, whose topic was Easter, shared the heart of the Gospel during her presentation! Praise God!

–There’s so much more that we could list: deeper conversations about why we’re here, praying with a student for a sick family member, concerns and hope shared, connections made–He is so good and He is at work!!! Thank you for being a part of it!

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Intensive Prayer: Thank you!!!

We are so thankful for all of the students who have joined us for this intensive! Thank you for praying–God is answering every day with great conversations, connections, laughter, and of course, learning. We were blessed to have a team from Ohio serving alongside us the first week, and this week we have two of our team member’s family members from FL working with us. Please continue to pray for the students this week as they prepare to give presentations (in English!!) on Friday. Everyone is a little nervous!! intensive 4

intensive 3 intensive pic intensive 2

What’s New?

The answer? The look of our team blog!! We’re so excited to have a fresh front page to share with all of you. As our friends here say, a BIG thanks goes to our friend Adam from Bowling Green, OH. He’s here serving alongside us this week, and blessed us with his web skills on top of teaching at the Center each day.

Take a minute to look around, and join us in praising God for all that He is doing in Green Mountains!

<3 Team Green




Roadwork and construction in our city–it seems to be happening all of the time. One of our major streets is undergoing pipe replacement–3 meters below the asphalt!  It’s a disaster. Many times this affects our electricity and water supplies. This photo was taken across the street from our apartment.  Again, picture of pipes being replaced.  It’s so important that they do this work, but it creates such havoc!
Sometimes I feel the same in my own heart. It has been a year of digging up the “pipes” from 3 meters down–there are habits, attitudes, and perspectives that need to be replaced with grace, patience, and love. It has been a difficult year, but necessary–I’m so glad He takes the time to replace our dirty and with His clean!

Fun Fact Friday: The Three R’s


We were surprised recently to see this recycling bin set up for plastic items. This was definitely a first!  Despite our city being relatively clean, recycling plastics, etc. in this way has never been part of the culture. We’ll see if it catches on in the days and months to follow!

Intensive Prayer: Gaining Ground

IMG_8456We’ve been praying for increased registration for the two-week English intensive that begins on Monday. Today, we are thanking God that we’ve had more people signing up in the last twenty-four hours! Would you join us in praying for several more participants? (We have 7 registered, but verbal commitments from 5 others!!) We’d love to have a total of twenty (or more) studying with us during this time! Please also lift up teams from Ohio and Florida who will be traveling in the next days to serve alongside us.These are exciting times!



One of the cultural experiences that we’ve had a lot of lately is funerals.  We have a friend whose brother died suddenly and another whose father passed away.  We have learned which flowers are appropriate to bring and what to wear.  We understand now that the men all stand outside the house and really just make small talk or pace.  The women are inside, with the body, weeping and consoling. This can go on for days. We have seen the exhausted mourner. When we have these opportunities to share life, in one of the deepest ways, will you pray that we have the words to say (or not say).  Would you pray that our actions would point to Christ and His hope?

Fun Fact Friday: Making it Work

Even after 3 years of being here, this still catches my attention. I am amazed by the “we will make it work” approach to getting things done.
–“You can’t stack the crates on top of each other because of the bottles.”
No problem, just extend the rack to the length of the trunk…we’ll make it work.
–“You will have to make two trips to get your furniture home.”
“No, I’ll make it work with one trip and a strong rope.”

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