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Maintaining Our Gutters

We see these gutters throughout the city.  A lot of times they go unnoticed because they blend in with the old, rundown look of the building.  When they do get recognition, is when it rains!  Let’s just say that they don’t exactly have a leakproof seal!  When it rains, it can literally pour–right out of the gutter and onto our heads.
There’s an interesting parallel with our souls — we often react from the “overflow” of our hearts. What does that overflow look like? Do we have a blocked gutter?  Is the gutter rusted and not maintained?


Glimpse of the City: Fall Festival Foot Traffic

Take twenty seconds today, and pray for the people in this video! We don’t know their names, but God knows each heart!

No Two Days Alike

“Boy, do the days go fast here” —  do any of you feel like your days are going by fast?  Sometimes we are asked what a “normal” day looks like for us.  Although we do have some cemented pieces, like our teaching schedules and school routines for the kids, there are no two days exactly alike!


One example of this is that we try to connect with our students outside of class time.  So, this can take us on some interesting trails!  Our time may mean meeting for coffee, hiking around the local market to shop with some students, going to a car parts store, or visiting them at their job.  The last example is what we were doing this past month. One of our students just got a new job and we went visiting!

Got Talent?







Recently, our team went to enjoy the local production of “Got talent.”  We enjoyed a few of the numbers, especially this one of the men flipping around. There were a couple of acts that were simply, bad.  I was quick to think the person would be booed off the stage, but I was shocked that audience applauded and cheered for even the worst of numbers. I was impressed with how loving the people were. It reminded me of God’s Love for each of us–His love is not based on how good our performance is, but because we are His children.

Fun Fact Friday: Black Radish Chips, Anyone?



Once and awhile, we find something that is unfamiliar to us. Recently, there was a harvest festival in our city, and there were a few root vegetables that we hadn’t seen before.  One was identified as a turnip– that’s probably something a few of you know about.  The second was a black radish!  Has anyone used this for anything?  We are planning on cutting these into thin strips and baking them into chips.

Update: Black Radish Chips–delicious!

Prayer Point: Standing Room Only

IMG_4450 2Last Thursday night we had a record-setting evening–34 students showed up at our Thursday night class! That’s more than double our usual number (almost triple!).  Please join us in praising God for each one who attended. This number is a testimony to what He’s doing–people brought friends, family members, neighbors, and one guy showed up because he’s in our city on vacation!  As we prepare for the week ahead, please be in prayer. The discussion topic is “Are You Happy?,” and we are longing for our students to find true happiness! May the Holy Spirit guide us as we teach!


On Guard!


This flock of sheep gathered by a river that smelled like toxic waste, but they did not even seem to notice. Let’s pray for one another as we seek to live lives of holiness in a world full of darkness–that we will stay alert and aware!

Glimpse of the City: Proceed with Caution!

Sit down gently.  Get up slowly.

(Note: Right after I took this picture, there were people actually using this seesaw).


Prayer Point: Thriving

tree..brick wall

Brick walls are man-made and only as strong as the materials used. This tree found a way to grow and thrive despite the obstacle in its way. As new creations in Christ, we have His life and power of  in us. That’s great news–we can thrive, even through the obstacles that life throws our way. Please pray that our team will walk in this truth, and that our local friends will be forever changed by Giver of all good gifts!

Light of the World

Our team had the privilege of traveling to Athens this summer for a week of spiritual and relational renewal.  One day we visited the ancient Acropolis, and I was fascinated by all the lights I saw around the grounds.  In the blazing afternoon sun, they were an afterthought and hardly noticeable.  When the sun dropped below the horizon and the sky grew dark, those lights went to work and the result was spectacular.
IMG_0994 IMG_0993 IMG_0995 Acropolis-Night-Original1
Jesus reminds each of His followers that “you are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under basket.  Instead they set it on a lamp stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:14-16).” May our lives illuminate and glory our Father in heaven!


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