Month: August 2018

Fruit Juice

Summertime is fruit time!  We are blessed to have access to delicious, inexpensive fruit in the summer months and we enjoy it so much (especially our kids).  However, in the winter months the fruit selection is quite sparse, so we’ve learned to preserve fruit like the locals.  In what has become a summer tradition for our family, our dear friend Tsitso came to our home and oversaw the canning/jarring process for several types of juice and fruit.  Pictured below is the “cherry harvest” and peaches are next on the list!

Deep Roots

This month has been a great time to step back and re-focus on areas that need to change for the new school year!  One area that our household has been challenged with is how we will grow deeper in the Word.  After some difficult news of losing co-workers, we have been encouraged to lament deeper, more intentionally. Last week, during a conversation with colleagues, we were challenged to pray more regularly for our students/friends here that don’t know the Lord. We have had personal times of deeper prayer and more honest conversations with the Lord.  Our routines are including more and more of His word as we seek Truth and His best for us and those around us.

The picture of these clippings with roots growing wildly and without reason to stop are such a good visual to how I want my relationship with the Lord to look.

Mostly Sunny

July was especially hot here in the city (look at the 5 day string of high temps in the photo), and many of the locals escape the heat by heading to the mountains or to the seaside.  We notice a real difference in the amount of traffic and the shops that are closed while people are out of town.  Our team has taken the opportunity to enjoy family vacations and we are grateful for good air conditioners in our homes.  The weather has actually gotten much cooler now in August and we’re ready for fall and the start of school in a few short weeks.

Prayer Point: Memorial

This summer we have been stunned by the tragic loss of like-minded colleagues from a different organization.  The details are quite murky and the developing story is very dark but the basics that we know are that Ryan, Lora and their 4-year-old son Caleb were killed while on a family camping trip in the mountains.  At a local memorial gathering (pictured above), many shared about how they were good friends and served as great examples to us of invitational, incarnational living in this context.  The memorial took place in a small park where Ryan had been working to get the local authorities to install a playground for children (that’s why there is a playground picture below the family picture).  Pray for their families as they deal with this devastating loss and for our team as we process the grief and painful emotions of this tragedy.

Sweet Tooth!


I have a sweet tooth—there’s no denying it. I love cake in any country, but the cake in Green Mountains is really delicious. With just the right amount of sweetness, fresh fruit, cream, and chocolate—you really can’t go wrong. This display case at our favorite, local cake shop gives you just a glimpse of the treats that we enjoy.

Prayer Point: Dreaming

IMG_0074Recently came across this graffiti and realized that it represents so much of what the next generation is thinking.  Many dream of better opportunities, better jobs, better pay.  We are praying that the dreams God gives them will be for hope, justice, and mercy.

Fun Fact Friday: Mailboxes


I walked down the alley from our house the other day, and I noticed something for the first time—this mailbox. When we moved to GM almost four years ago, we were surprised to discover that mailboxes weren’t really a thing here. Imagine life without junk mail! Of course, bills still arrive each month. They are stuck inside doors, gates, or entryways, and ultimately you are responsible for paying even if it never arrives. It’s funny how something that seemed so different during those first months is now our new “normal.”

Walking Streets


How often do we walk the streets where we live? Going from place to place by foot opens up opportunities for insights and prayer that car travel often doesn’t. It’s funny how a simple change in transportation can give a fresh perspective. As you step into the week (bad pun intended), seize the opportunity to take a walk and pray a prayer. Ask God to open your eyes to what He’s doing right there, in that familiar place, and thank Him for the path that He’s prepared for you.

Make It Work!


File this under: well, sometimes you just have to make it work!  We recently returned home from a weekend outside the city and we discovered a pretty significant leak from a hot water tank.  I was quite proud of my “brilliant” usage of a 10 liter water bottle that was used as a “genius” solution to the leak problem. After cutting it up to fit below the tank, it served as a reservoir for the leaking water until I was able to get my teammates over here to problem solve and we were able to fix the issue.

Prayer Point: Proclaiming His Glory

4A32F2F0-2A3E-414F-9D86-CC86E6764DD6 “As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20
Pray for all believers in this land to proclaim His glory, and for openness and conviction for those who hear.

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