Month: June 2019

Kids Camp Prep!

Our week-long Kids Camp begins tomorrow! Our visitors from the states are hard at work in preparation for it and we are excited to see what God has in store for the kids (and maybe even the workers!) this week. Prayers appreciated!

Intentionality with a View

This is a picture of an old mining town in the middle of nowhere. Many ask why anyone would visit this ghost town. Why? Because it is absolute gold to meet people from out-of-the-way places and see the look on their faces when they hear that a foreigner took the time to visit their hometown and appreciate it’s beauty the way they do. Intentionality is key to forming relationships. With this view, it’s a win-win.

“Explore… Minnesota”?

It is pretty rare to see license plates from the US in our city, so when I saw this Minnesota tag on a car parked near the Center I had to pause and get a picture.  I would love to know the story of how this vehicle ended up over here… someone may have really gotten themselves lost!

Prayer Point: Kid’s Camp is Coming!

Once again, we are hosting a kids camp this summer.  The dates are July 1-5.  Will you pray that each child that comes will have an opportunity to hear about their worth in God? We have a team from America coming to help run this program and it should be a great time interacting with people from the community and families we already know!
Pictured above is Shoti — one of the kids that has been at our English programs in the past.

Mommy Status

Life slows down for no one and this new mama has been experiencing this firsthand as she raises her baby and goes about her busy life teaching and connecting with students. This dedication is felt by our students and as we rely on God’s strength to make it through every day we are confident that God is using all this for His glory!

Prayer Point: Adventure Buddy

Meet Mari (left). Mari is a long time student and friend of the center. When I first met her, I was teaching Monday night class and we instantly connected through our love of travel and outdoors. Although I don’t have her in class now we have stayed connected through guided trips outside of the city. She keeps me informed and we have an excellent time talking in the local language and marveling at God’s creation. Pray for our future trips and chances for me to speak to her of the Creator of this wonderful nature we both enjoy so much!

Fun Fact Friday: The Season of Swallows

Every year as it gets warmer the city gets swarmed by swallows. They come to the capital city to make their nest and lay eggs. As soon as the babies are strong enough to fly they leave for their summer home. According to the locals, to have a swallow make a nest near your apartment means that your family will have good luck for the year. Because of this, many people try to encourage them to nest near their homes. However, having one get stuck in the exhaust piping above your stove is not the most ideal situation. Still, when we told all of our friends about what happen, they were very excited and told us that we will definitely have an amazing year. 

Taking a Moment

We have all heard the phrase “time is money”. Many times we find ourselves rushing to and from all of our activities and at the end of the day we flop down in bed utterly exhausted. This, however, is not always the norm in other countries around the world. It can be pretty jarring when you live in a country that puts a higher value on rest and moving at a slower pace. Often I have found myself getting frustrated because I want to get things accomplished at a quick and efficient rate but many of my friends frequently tell me to slow down and enjoy the moment. My encouragement to you today is to take a moment and rest. 

Generosity as Honor

Some of our students at the center are not locals of this country. One of them wanted to show honor offering a special treat for some of our team members who recently returned to the states for the year. We were really surprised as he and his family came with a giant pot of rice with a vegetarian side dish. As we all enjoyed the food that was brought, someone ask if the greens were spinach and we were shocked to hear that it was a specific spice that could only be found in their country and that this was the last of their stock.

Better Life

“I am a taxi driver and I think that life was better during the Soviet Union.”

Father, security isn’t found in any earthly thing — rulers or governments, past or present. You are the King of kings and Lord of lords. May Your name be proclaimed and trusted in this place!

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