Month: October 2019

Prayer Point: May They Truly Proclaim Him

Recently a few of us had the opportunity to support a couple of our students as they sang in their University Choir.  It was a great time of hearing them sing various songs in the local langauge.  Then, they sang this song in English.  Please pray with us, that these words would come alive in the hearts of the people here.  May they truly seek God with all their hearts, may they truly know Jesus— not just about Jesus, and may they proclaim Jesus until the day He returns.  

Precarious Parking

Cars on the sidewalks of our city are nothing new, but this precarious perch got our attention. In an effort to park close to his destination, this driver risked damaging his tire and not being able to drive the vehicle at all. We’ve all been in that place where what is convenient and easy has lured us from the best way, from His way. Praise God with us that, “The Lord is compassionate and merciful, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.” Psalms 103:8 

One Word Says It All…

Do you ever wish there was one word to encapsulate a specific feeling  or situation? Well in this language they have a few, and this is a favorite! This culture values and enjoys eating, and this word is a perfect representation of that value.

Prayer Point: Hope Restored

Sand-filled “troughs” hold candles that are burned during prayers at the local churches. Usually well-tended, this one caught my attention with its heaps of melted wax, sand, and candle nubs. The local language has a verb form that translates something like this, “I hope, but I don’t really think it will happen.” It seems like these candles may be speaking those same sentiments… “I hope, but…”. My own heart often echoes that as well. But, we serve a God who is faithful and certain and a promise keeper. Please pray that our friends will know His true character, and that their hope will be in Him and Him alone. 

Prayer Point: Tearing Down Facades

As I watch the construction workers make this building look as though it is made of bricks, I think of the people here who put up their “facade” of being Christian. One young man just shared with us that he believes it’s all about the actions he does that counts—what people see of him, but admitted he did not truly have “faith” in God. Please pray with us that these facades of religiosity would be torn down, and true foundations of faith would be built in this land!

This but Not That

I’m willing to ride this gondola across the old part of our city. I might do a zip line across the local botanical garden. But I definitely won’t bungee jump (if that was a thing here). It’s easy for me to set limits on what I will and won’t do, and sometimes it makes sense.  I really DON’T want to bungee jump! However, there are areas of life where I need to be more open—especially to the leading of the Holy Spirit. As our team has been praying and sorting out what God has for us in this season, we’ve all agreed that we want to be  servants ready to bend our preferences to the work that God is doing around us. Please pray for us and with us that we will be ready and willing!

Prayer Point: The Coffee Connection

We have an ebb and flow of connection with our students. They attend classes and events at the center for a time and then we often lose touch for a season. One of the best ways to connect is getting together outside of classes for a good cup of coffee and deeper conversation. Pray that we will be intentional in meeting up with our students so that we can continue to deepen our relationships and keep the connections strong.

Sweet Aroma

A friend of mine recently gave me a bag of fresh picked produce from her garden in the village. If only this picture could also let you enjoy the scent that came out of this bag—an amazing aroma of God’s blessings! Lord, may we also be a sweet aroma of Your grace towards the people around us; may they see You in us and desire to know You more.

Mirror Search

In America when you need a part for you car you can easily find a replacement by driving to AutoZone or a similar store. In our country this isn’t always the case. When things are broken we embark on a wild scavenger hunt, looking in random parts of the city and talking to different people asking help. This was the case last week when I needed to replace the side mirror on my car. 

If it hadn’t been for the help of an old man sitting on the side of the street we never would have found the best mirror replacement handyman in the city. Above is a picture of the handyman’s advertisement: a sign with car mirrors stuck to it, his number posted above it.

Prayer Point: Search for Significance

“I work hard to get an education so that I can have a better job and help people.”

The search for significance outside of You is exhausting and fruitless. Lord, bring many to be Your beloved children. Many they know once and for all that You delight in them, not because of their works but because of Your lavish grace.

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