Month: May 2022

Friday Extra: Nooks and Crannies

Walking in our city is one of my favorite things to do. There are nooks and crannies everywhere with scenes like this–layers of daily life and rhythms–people living. What do you see?

Prayer Point: Transition

One family (now a family of 4!) has returned from home assignment, and one is preparing to go on home assignment in a little over a month. There’s a lot of transition that has happened and is happening in GM. Please lift up this time of settling in and packing up, starting again and ending well, taking on and handing off–it’s a lot! The constant is that God is always at work (and He’s doing a lot!), and He never leaves–Praise Him!

Fun Fact Friday: Alucha

Four countries were represented at Wednesday night Bible Study, and a very important snack question came up ūüôā What is this local fruit called in English? Our friends were surprised to learn that we don’t have a word for it, because it doesn’t exist in the US. Small and sour or sweet depending on its ripeness, alucha is its own thing entirely…and we like it!

Prayer Point: God’s Word at Work

Quotes from two young women who are diving into God’s Word for the first time:

*Talking about how some see the Bible as a bunch of do’s and don’ts “A” replied, “I see all of the beautiful do’s!”

**After taking the book of John home to read, “K” said, “It was so short. I wanted more.”

God is answering prayers–yours and ours. Spiritual hunger is growing, and we are so thankful for the opportunities that God is giving us to walk with these young women. Praise Him!

Friday Extra: Praise!

As we’ve been praying Psalm 24:7-10, we feel God opening up those ancient doors–thank you for praying. As we shared last week, two of our English students took copies of John home with them. At one student’s lesson on Monday, she told me that she read the whole thing, and wanted more! This hunger is an answer to prayer and so exciting–praise God! We had a great discussion about the book of John, the beliefs of different types of Christianity, and so much more. K has accepted an invitation to attend a Bible study at our house on Wednesday night. Please continue to pray for her as God opens her eyes and heart to himself.

Prayer Point: Retreat Report

After a few last minute cancellations and additions, we set off for the international student conference with 22 students. We are so very thankful for the group that God assembled–there was a special closeness that we all experienced. Fun, games, and food abounded, but so did deep topics, conversations, and vulnerable sharing. We spent time considering journeys, both literal and our life stories. K shared his spiritual journey, and students were asked to create their own lifeline.

When given the opportunity to share with the group, we were overwhelmed with the response. Many students opened up, and it was such a gift (both hard and precious) to hear what many of them have already endured and overcome in life. As we ended our time together, students were challenged to consider the difference between false peace and true and lasting peace. Representing multiple faith backgrounds, and several nations, we are trusting that God is at work in each life, no matter where they are in their journey. Thank you for praying so faithfully!

Friday Extra: Wings and Peace

Recently, we introduced a friend from the Middle-East to buffalo chicken wings–he’s a fan! (Picture above: used oil to be discarded). During the conversation, he quickly began talking about the death, destruction, and chaos he¬†experienced as a young boy living in a country at war and occupied by a foreign military. The trauma continues for him 20 years later.

So many people here in GM, across our region, and around the world have been or are being impacted by war. As we continue to minister to this friend and others in the coming weeks, please pray that they will experience the Prince of Peace and find true healing. 

Prayer Point: The Living Word

The Bible is the powerful, living word of God. Many people in GM, though they would call themselves Christians, have never read it for themselves. There is a prevalent lie, often perpetuated by religious leaders, that only priests can understand scripture.

However, we know that not all priests agree–some encourage their parishioners to read. Please pray for them, and for an increase in their numbers.

Also, please pray for K and A, two English students who recently took home copies of the book of John (written in both their heart language and English). Neither of them have ever read the Bible, and when offered the books, they were both very excited. Pray that their eyes would be opened to the truth of who God is, and what it means to have life in Him. Looking forward to hearing what they thought when we meet next week!

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