When we tell people where we live, we usually get a mixed bag of responses–sometimes confusion (and concern) about our location.  Sometimes surprise that this place isn’t in history books!  Sometimes curiosity about which continent we belong to, etc. You might be wondering the same things. If you had the chance to hear each of us talk about this place, you would hear the same sentiment–we love it here!

This city is full of layers of culture and historic places that have seen waves and waves of intruders and enemies. We see art and we see strong people.  We experience rich hospitality and have heard some sincere hearts.  We have tasted the best food ever and enjoy the most delicious, seasonal fruits and veggies at our markets.  We have strolled in parks, hiked in mountains, swam in the sea, and explored caves. This is a wonderful place to live. Today, we give thanks for this place, friendships, and all that our Father is doing here!!
Here is a bench with the name of our city, written in the beautiful language we are learning: